Birth Trauma Injuries - Securing the future of your child and family


Pregnancy and birth are the time of wonder, joy and worry for parents. So many things are out of your control and you rely on the expertise of medical professionals for your and your baby’s well-being.

While the time of birth is exciting things can and do go wrong. When they do the consequences can be lifelong and devastating for the newborn and their family. When complications occur it can be very difficult for the family to find out exactly what happened and how. In many cases, the medical team may not volunteer the circumstances of the birth injury.

Birth trauma injury cases are extremely complicated due to the number of parties involved and the individual situation. Determining the at-fault party and the standards of care can also be very difficult. In the unfortunate event of a birth trauma injury, your lawyer has to show that the actions of individuals fell below the standards of care and that the medical treatment was the cause of the birth injury and lifelong disability.

Birth injuries can include:
·      Brachial Plexus Injuries – nerve damage causing paralysis in the arm
·      Fetal and neonatal stroke
·      Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy
·      Shoulder dystocia
·      Spinal cord injury
·      Jaundice, Kernicterus and Hyperbilirubinemia
·      Meconium and Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
·      Newborn infections
·      Seizures
·      Trauma from forceps and vacuum
·      Cerebral palsy
·      Facial paralysis

These conditions, and others, can result in serious physical impairment or brain injury and may irreparably alter the course of your baby’s life and your family situation. These injuries may be caused by improper prenatal care or errors in birthing care. Some injuries or disabilities are immediately evident while others can take days or weeks to become evident.

The lifelong and very serious physical, mental and cognitive trauma can result in the family and child incurring significant financial costs now and in the future. When there is a birth trauma a very careful assessment of the immediate and future losses for the family and the child. Financial hardships for the parents can be significant especially when the injury requires constant care and supervision, medical interventions, home renovations, special equipment, or outside help, therapy and treatments.

“Birth trauma cases are extremely difficult due to the medical complications. While some injury is due to an unfortunate and perhaps unavoidable accident, there are times when the birth trauma is the result of a preventable mistake or some negligence on the part of the delivery team and health professionals. The mistake or negligence can arise where there is a failure to identify or assess a high risk pregnancy; delay or failure to recognize signs that the baby is in distress; improper use of forceps; delay in delivery; the improper administration of medications; the failure to properly monitor mother and child before and during the pregnancy and birth. Given the complications of the birthing process, there are many areas where negligence resulting in serious harm to the baby can occur. A birth trauma lawyer, along with the assistance of medical experts, can review the medical information and assess where an error occurred and further determine whether that error resulted in an avoidable serious harm and lifelong impairment to your child.”, Rob Deutschmann.

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