Old Grey Mayors - History, Politics and Good Listening


Are you a fan of local history or local politics? Have you ever wondered where the ideas for things like the LRT or Wilmot Recreation Centre came from? How about wondering how and why the Region of Waterloo got involved in the childcare business?

If you have then Rob’s podcast “Old Grey Mayors” is for you! The podcast features Rob (an old grey Mayor) sitting down and chatting with other retired local politicians (usually but not always old and grey and mayors). They talk about what took them into politics, the issues of their day and their major accomplishments and challenges.

Lessons learned from the political careers are interesting, and the background the interviews give on local history is meaningful. They give an excellent background to how and why many decisions are being made today and what political history has shaped the evolution of the Region.

The podcast summaries can be found in the Waterloo Region Rural Post and you can listen to the podcasts here.

Are you still new to podcasts? They are great. You can find free ones on your favourite streaming platforms, or by doing a search for the topic you are interested in with the work podcast! Everything from languages, politics to history and science, love and life and cooking can be learned about in the comfort of your own home, or while exercising or driving. I'm a huge fan!

Do you have an idea for a guest that you’d like to hear from? Let Rob know in the comments.

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