Pulling The Plug on Electrical Fires


Electrical equipment is a leading cause of home fires in Ontario

How do I keep myself and my loved ones safe?

• Avoid running cords under rugs which can damage the cord and cause a fire.

• Avoid overloading a circuit with "octopus outlets". If additional outlets or circuits are required, have them installed by a licensed electrician.










• Extension cords should be used only as a temporary connection. If permanent

wiring is required, have additional outlets installed by a licensed electrician. Extension cords

should not be linked together-use an extension cord that is long enough to do the job.

• Air conditioners and other heavy appliances should be plugged directly into an outlet.









• Ground fault circuit interrupters

(GFCls) should be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.

GFCls shut off an electrical circuit when it becomes a shock hazard.

• Check electrical cords for damage such as fraying or nicks. A damaged cord can expose wires and result in a potential shock or fire hazard.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every storey of your home. Test them every month


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