Would you admit to your unsafe driving behaviour? More than half of Ontario drivers did!


The CAA conducted a recent survey in response to the increased rates of speeding and stunt driving charges being reported by police. The results of the survey showed that over 50% of drivers surveyed admit to unsafe driving behaviour.

AA Ontario’s survey was widely reported and their Manager of Government Relations for CAA South Central Ontario Raymond Chan indicated he was surprised as the number should be significantly higher. The survey was anonymous and covered over 1500 Ontario drivers. It questioned the habits of drivers including speeding, distracted driving, aggressive driving and dangerous lane changes.

It appears that half of us admit to bad driving and unsafe driving habits. Another concerning aspect of the survey was that nearly all of us (95%) have witnessed dangerous driving while on the roads. The survey also revealed that nearly a quarter of respondents were not aware of what constituted the most serious offences like stunt driving. For example, weaving through traffic and road rage are included under the stunt driving charge.

The province has responded to the sudden increase in dangerous driving, speeding, stunting and fatal accidents by enacting the MOMS Act in July 2021 (Moving Ontarians More Safely Act, 2021) . The Act and its increased fines and suspensions for the most serious road offences have public support.

Dangerous driving habits are closely linked to car accidents, personal injury and fatalities on the roadways. If you know you are driving dangerously, or if you have bad habits consider working on changing them. Slow down, and remove distraction temptations.

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