OPP Say It’s Vital Users Understand E-Bike and Scooter and Mobility Scooter Rules


The OPP have issued another warning about the use of scooters and e-bikes. Many users are not aware of the rules and regulations, or they are not following them even when they do know. This is posing serious safety and accident risks for users and those around them.

The OPP has asked that everyone using mobility scooters, mopeds, electric scooters, e-bikes and mopeds stop and review the rules of the road for these devices. It’s vital to understand the rules and regulations that govern their use and to obey them.

E-bikes are regulated under the Highway Traffic Act and the Motor Vehicle Safety Act Regulations. They are considered to be a power assisted bicycle and drivers of them are required to follow the rules of the road. They:

  1. Have a maximum weight limit of 120 kg and must have the manufacturers label stating it complies with the regulations.
  2. They must have steering handlebars.
  3. They must have working pedals that work to propel the bike. Removing the pedals is illegal.
  4. They may not have more than three wheels.
  5. They may not have a maximum speed that exceeds 32 km/hour.
  6. You are required to be 16 years old to drive one.
  7. Driver and any passengers MUST wear a motorcycle or bicycle helmet.

E-bikes are allowed on municipal roads. They are not allowed on highways or sidewalks. They must be equipped with a bell or horn, a white front light and a rear red light.

Rules for mopeds are different as they are considered to be a motor vehicle. Pursuant to the law, the driver of a moped must be licensed and the moped must be insured and licenced.

If you are riding any of these devices please be sure that you are following the law. Ride with the traffic, not against it. Ride in the bike lane if you are using an e-bike, on the roadway if riding a moped. Make sure you are wearing a helmet and that you are wearing hi-viz clothing to help drivers see you. Take care around pedestrians, driveways and watch for turning vehicles.

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