If the Expert Predictions Are Right the Future of Driverless Cars Is Very Nice!


Experts and sci-fi fans have been predicting self-driving cars for decades. The Jetson’s first featured autonomous personal spacecraft in a cartoon in the 1960s as the main means of getting around. It seems now in 2021 we are getting closer to them becoming reality for more of us.

Here are the top 10 predictions for where these cars are going to be taking us:

  1. They will drive themselves. Really. They will have a ‘safe driving’ mode that will limit speeding and keep you safe.
  2. Their focus will be safely transporting you and keeping those outside the vehicle safe as well. 5G technology will allow the cars to communicate with devices around them including other vehicles making the ride even safer.
  3. They will be fully functional office or entertainment areas. Without having to worry about driving and seating configurations figured around a steering wheel these wi-fi and 5G-equipped cars will be ready to serve your IT needs. Streaming your video chats or favourite movies – you will pass the time in the car easily.
  4. The cars will learn what your preferences are and they will make sure you get to work or appointments on time, they’ll be set to your favourite temperature settings and will know where you like to go.
  5. Did you say ‘trunk space’? you’ll be able to load these vehicles up with cargo and send them to destinations without you having to drive. They will double as delivery vehicles!
  6. They will allow people who have accessibility issues to travel much more easily and independently. For those who have low vision, or have other disabilities these will be perfect. They can summon a car and tell it where to take them. No middle man required.
  7. You’ll be able to share ownership easily. Car share platforms will be more economical since a pool of cars can serve a pool of peoples’ needs easily. Cars can move themselves from call to call independently and once routine travel patterns are established the process will be seamless. You’ll have a car for the 10% of the time you need it and the rest of the time it won’t be in your driveway!
  8. You’ll be able to configure the interior of the cars from user to user. Do you need an office space? No problem. An entertainment space? No problem. A space to sleep?
  9. Think of the windshield as an augmented reality display. They will be a heads up navigation system displaying in real-time near by amenities of interest,
  10. Do you want to drive or fly your car? Experts predict that driverless cars will finally reach Jetson’s standards. You’ll be able to select road or flight mode and leave the rest to the vehicle.


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