Winter Tires? Are you still on the fence?


Are you still on the fence about buying winter tires? You shouldn’t be. They will make a huge difference in your winter driving safety and handling.

Winter tires are an added expense to driving but you’ll get an insurance discount for having them on, and you’ll safer behind the wheel for many months of the year. If you plan to keep your car for more than a few years, then the cost is manageable – you’ll be splitting the wear on the all-season tires so they will last longer.

With the increasing temperature fluctuations our region sees due to global climate change we are experiencing more icy conditions and more wet snow conditions. Winter tires are made of a softer rubber compound that remains more flexible even when the temperatures dip to almost -30’C. This means they ‘stick’ better to the roads in colder temperatures.

The icy and snow packed roads are exactly what winter tires excel at handling on and they do a far better job of it than all season or summer tires do. They will decrease your stopping distances on snow and ice. They will improve handling as they grip better.

Five Facts About Snow Tires:

  • Better Breaking - Stopping distance on snow and ice is decreased by up to 25% (Government of Quebec)
  • Superior Traction - Collision avoidance / maneuverability improves by 38% (Province of Quebec)
  • When to Install – the best time for installation is when air temperature falls below 7’C. In southern Ontario this is usually in November.
  • How They Save Money - You will likely qualify for an auto insurance discount of up to 5% by having winter tires on your car. You’ll also reduce the wear on your all season tires so they will last longer.
  • Hydroplane Resistance – the special groves in the tires (tread pattern) and the softer rubber compound reduces hydroplaning

Remember that you should follow the auto and tire manufacturer recommendations for tire pressure. Usually you should have 4 matching winter tires on your car. Mixing tires is not recommended.

For more information on winter tires speak with your car dealership or local mechanic or tire shop. You can also check out this information page on CAA

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