Looking for a Fun Way to Enjoy Winter? How About Fat Biking


You’ve likely spotted one of these bikes on the roads already these last few years. They look like a regular mountain bike but they are a bit ‘chunkier’'. The frame may be slightly thicker and the tires seem huge. They are to bicycles what dirt bikes are to motorcycles.

Featuring tires that are several times the width and height of a road bike they allow the cyclist to travel more easily and safely on snow or sand. They’ve become extremely popular recreational bikes with skier sorts, winter holiday destinations and dessert locations all catering to enthusiasts with trails and infrastructure.

If you’ve never ridden one you’ll be pleasantly surprised. On snow the ‘fatnesss’ of the tire allows the rider to ‘float’ on the surface rather than get mired in depths. The five-inch-wide tires give the rider an ATV-like ability to roll over just about anything and the larger frame width gives stability and strength to keep going safely and securely

Compacted snow is ideal for the riders. Trials groomed for downhill skiing or specifically fat biking make for a great ride. Snowmobile trails packed down snowshoe trails and even snowy roads are also easily ridden by these bikes. If there is fresh snow on top of the compacted snow, you’ll be able to manage a few inches of depth before you begin to lose traction. You can put studs in your tires for traction on icy surfaces.

For bike enthusiasts, or even those looking for a fun high cardio winter activity fat biking is a welcome option. It is considerably safer than Nordic skiing and can be enjoyed just about anywhere in the winter. Many ski resorts are now marketing the activities as a complementary pair. They can be done in the same location with much of the same clothes. Biking may be much more enjoyable on no powder days than skiing for some people, and for others, it may be their preferred activity.

Generally, less demanding physically than skiing and easier on the knees too, if you can ride a bike then it’s an easy sport to get into. The bikes are popular enough that entry-level models are available at most retail and big box stores.

Fat bike races are becoming popular winter activities, and as with all outdoor activities, the popularity of the sport has increased with the pandemic. Supply chain issues may prevent many of us from getting a new bike immediately but the resale market and the rental is an option.

For those who ride year-round to commute to work or as a safe alternative to transit, fat bikes can provide extra stability on snow, better traction and an all-around better riding experience than road bikes or mountain bikes. Once you try it you may never go back. In fact, some people ride the fat bikes year-round as they give a better workout on smooth roads than regular bikes since on regular roads they have more friction and are harder to get rolling.

If you’re looking for a fun and safe activity why not try it? Be sure to dress in layers and to wear a helmet to stay safer in a fall.

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