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In this holiday season it is easy to lose sight of the good things that surround us. Not all of us have been able to spend time and see our families as much as we want during these last almost two years of COVID. In light of that we decided to talk about what has kept us optimistic these last 22 months. In short, it’s been our clients and the stories they tell us. It’s been the impact we’ve been able to make in others’ lives for their benefit. Thank you for trusting us to help you.

Here are some of their stories:

Car Accident Involving an Out-of-Country Defendant

CC was in Las Vegas on vacation attending a Nascar race. While there she was struck by a car as she was crossing a road, legally, between the crosswalk markings, on a green light. The other vehicle struck her as the driver was making a left hand turn through the intersection. As a result of the accident CC suffered serious injuries. She suffered a significant injury to her head resulting in loss of consciousness and swelling of her brain. She was required to be airlifted to Ontario for medical treatment. We were successful in having her assessed as Catastrophically Impaired which provided her with access to a higher level of accident benefits. We were able to work with her medical treatment providers, and her employer, and eventually, through access to required medical treatment, CC was able to resume her preaccident work and most of her activities of daily living.

CC’s claim not only involved suing an out of country defendant, but we had to include her own insurer as well for underinsured coverage as the US driver only had $15,000.00 in coverage. In addition, there was a subrogated claim advanced by the out of country medical insurer and OHIP that had to be sorted out. We were able to resolve her claim through mediation after obtaining the necessary medical assessments to properly assess CC’s claim for damages

"This legal team helped me through the most difficult time of my life after a car hit me while I was in the USA on vacation. I have no memory of the accident and I still needed closure. Mr. Doug O’Toole was the most helpful contact and I am so glad to have been able to work with him. EVERYONE in this firm who my spouse and I had contact with provided the best service and I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance." , CC (Kitchener)

Head-on Car Accident Collision

DS was involved in a head-on car accident collision that resulted in few physical injuries but he did suffer a significant blow to the head. This resulted in excess of 40 stitches to his forehead and around his eyes. The scarring healed very nicely but DS was left with the residual effects of a head injury. He managed to complete his Masters level education after the accident but the symptoms from the head injury made it extremely difficult for him to complete work in his desired field. He attempted some alternative employment but he was unable to complete the education or work required. His symptoms included recurrent headaches, fatigue, concentration problems and irritability. He had many difficulties in maintaining employment and certainly things were more difficult for him post car accident. After obtaining the appropriate medical reports, we were able to assist by resolving DS’s claim at a settlement mediation.

"My experience with Deutschmann Law was excellent despite the circumstances. They helped ease the sense of being overwhelmed. During the course of the case I had complete confidence in all the staff – who were prompt, courteous and caring. All my questions and concerns were addressed in a professional and mindful manner. The care I received was just that, "care". I felt and believe that the staff cares about their clients. This includes the doctors who also helped an awful situation to become a little better. I don’t have much experience with accidents but I feel that Deutschmann Law are honourable individuals who do good work.", DS (Kitchener)

Rear-End Collision Causing Whiplash

GM was injured in a rear end car accident while she was stopped at a traffic light. The estimated damage to her car was only $700.00. As a result of the car accident GM suffered soft tissue and whiplash injuries to her neck and shoulder which developed into chronic pain. GM was unable to continue with the physical aspects of her employment in a nursing home. She was able to return to lighter employment as a personal support worker for certain types of clients. Her new employment paid less than her pre-accident employment. Despite the low impact accident and a pre-accident medical history of back pain and depression, we were able to obtain medical assessments to show that GM’s current condition and difficulties with her employment and activities of daily living were directly related to the car accident.

"I found this time to be most difficult for me, with regards to pain and worry, and I found the staff to be most helpful, always polite and professional. I feel comfortable in feeling that Rob got the best deal possible for me during mediation and that he was looking out for my best interests at all times.", GM (Kitchener)

Multiple Plaintiffs

Leslie Wright was involved in a single car accident. She was a passenger in a car that lost control, went off the roadway and struck a trunk. Leslie was injured in the accident along with another passenger. Leslie had cognitive impairments along with physical injuries including soft tissue injuries. The other passenger suffered a brain injury and required immediate surgery. This claim was complicated by the fact that the combination of the two claims (Leslie’s and the other passenger) against the driver exceeded the insurance policy limits. As a result, it was necessary to wait and see how Leslie and the other passenger would recover in order to better assess the future losses for each passenger. Once enough time had transpired, the parties arranged for a settlement meeting to resolve both claims. We were able to obtain useful reports from medical experts in order to demonstrate the impact of the injuries suffered by Leslie on her future ability to work and carry out her usual activities of daily living and recreational activities. With the use of the reports and presentation at the mediation, we were able to secure an excellent settlement for Leslie.

"I am very satisfied with the legal services rendered. All staff were very helpful and made me feel like an important client. I am happy to recommend Rob and staff to others who may need legal help. Thank you", Leslie Wright (Guelph)

Rear-End Vehicle Collision

Donna W. was involved in a car accident when the car in which she was a passenger was rear ended by a pickup truck. The damage to her car was barely visible but the repair costs were approximately $1,000.00. Following the accident Donna suffered injury to her left shoulder and pain in her neck and upper back. Over time, Donna also began to suffer severe emotional difficulty. She experienced a variety of symptoms including nausea, dizziness, pain, fatigue, sleeping difficulties, concentration problems, driving phobia. Donna worked as an administrative assistant but her condition made it difficult for her to return to work. Working in conjunction with her health care providers, our firm was able to assist Donna in obtaining diagnosis and treatment. Following our work with respect to Donna’s ongoing medical condition, we were able to resolve her claim through negotiation and mediation.

"Our experience with Rob Deutschmann's office was nothing short of spectacular! Rob and his staff were supportive and understanding of my condition and, when it came to business, their knowledge and experience resulted in a positive outcome.", Donna W. (Elmira)

Car Accident Involving a Pedestrian

RD was a pedestrian legally crossing a road when he was struck by a car crossing through the intersection. RD was 77 years old at the time of the car accident. The driver of the car failed to take proper precautions and the driver did not see RD crossing the road. RD suffered a brain injury and he had no memory of certain aspects of the accident or of his subsequent 7 day stay at the hospital. RD suffered a closed head injury with skull fracture resulting in bilateral subdural hematomas. He had ongoing symptoms which included dizziness, unsteadiness, humming noise and overall fogginess. Given RD’s age and related factors, it was decided that we would try and resolve his accident claim as early as possible. We arranged to obtain a full set of medical records as quickly as possible which was then forwarded to the adjuster. This information allowed us to negotiate an early settlement that was much to the satisfaction of RD.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your work on our behalf following Roy's accident. Due to the serious nature of Roy's injuries, we were not prepared to attempt to handle this matter ourselves. We would also thank Dianne deJong for her support and patience with the numerous questions we had along the way. On the occasions that we saw Teena she too was helpful with any inquiries we had. We are happy that this settlement was handled in such a timely and efficient manner. We would like to wish you and your staff a prosperous and happy New Year.", RD (Kitchener)

Car Accident Resulting in a Brain Injury

D. Stager was involved in a car accident. Her car was struck on the driver side by another car. Initially D’s injuries appeared to be soft tissue in nature. However, D’s symptoms continued to expand including nausea and dizziness brought on by most activity. Eventually D’s medical condition was diagnosed as being related to a brain injury condition for which D obtained medical attention from a Toronto-area specialist. D underwent surgery but, unfortunately, this only resulted in marginal improvement to her condition. Working with D’s own accident benefit insurer, and the at-fault driver’s insurance company, we were able to work out a global settlement at mediation that considered D’s damages, including future losses, and future medical requirements.

“I have great respect for the personal injury team of Deutschmann Law. They treated me with compassion and showed great patience. They always had time to answer my questions related to the complexities of no-fault insurance and the law. Unlike some firms, I never felt like a case number! Their efficiency and confidence in their knowledge of the law helped me to feel like I would be taken care of to the best of their ability.”, D. Stager (Waterloo)

Hit from Behind Car Crash

Peter Jacques was involved in a car accident. His car was rear-ended by another car at fairly high speed. Peter suffered injury to his left elbow and shoulder as well as other soft tissue injuries. These injuries impacted on his activities in daily life and made it impossible for him to work in a strenuous factory environment, as he did before the accident. Through medical experts and a functional capacity evaluator retained by our firm, we were able to objectively demonstrate that Peter had sustained significant injuries as a result of the car accident. We were able to put the evidence together to show his injuries and the impact of those injuries on his ability to earn an income comparable to his pre-accident earnings. We were successful in resolving Peter’s case at mediation with the insurance company for the other driver and their counsel.

"After my mother and I were involved in a motor vehicle accident I found myself unable to function at my full capacity at work, home or play. I called Rob Deutschmann’s office for legal advice shortly after my accident. Rob came to my house and spoke to my mother and I. Rob was very kind and very patient with all of our many questions and concerns. I hired Rob that day feeling confident with my decision. Rob and his staff were nothing short of amazing when it came to my needing help with accident benefits, doctors’ reports, disability issues and ultimately winning my case. Rob’s knowledge, compassion and experience helped make by case resolve as quickly and painlessly as the law permits. Rob’s commitment to the truth, service and to me as a client was exceptional throughout. I would highly recommend Rob and his firm to anyone seeking legal representation. ", Peter Jacques (Cambridge)

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