New Research Finds that Concussion Monitoring Could Occur using Urine Samples


Concussion is a serious condition that is frustratingly difficult to diagnose, monitor and treat appropriately. Concussion (mild traumatic brain injury mTBI) has no definitive diagnostic test and they often don’t show up on routine imaging.

How Concussions are Diagnosed

Diagnosis of most mTBI is generally done by self-reporting of symptoms, subjective testing in hospital, and sometimes by comparison with baseline information (in the case of some athletes). It can be frustratingly simple for an individual to deny they are concussed.

Diagnosis May be Unreliable

Often the symptoms of mTBI are unreliable, non-specific and vary wildly from one person to another even after suffering similar incidents. 

Many athletes wish to return to play their sport as soon as possible and so they may deny symptoms to their coach. This is extremely dangerous. Even if the first concussion is mild, any subsequent concussion can become very serious and even fatal. Subsequent concussions occur more easily and are always more serious. 

New Diagnostic Tools Required

The search for quick diagnostic tools for concussion is ongoing. It would prove beneficial and would be q timely and economical way to ensure people get the help they need immediately, and that they aren’t held back from activity in the absence of concussion.

Would Urine Analysis Work?

A new study published in neurology “Proteomic Discovery of Noninvasive Biomarkers Associated With Sport-Related Concussions” made some interesting observations. The goal of the study was to discover a non-invasive diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of sport-related concussion using biomarkers.

The researchers used urine samples from groups of healthy collegiate athletes and from a group of athletes who had sustained concussion within seven days. The participants completed gait tests, and their urine was examined using mass spectrometry for biomarkers of concussion.


The researchers found that by analyzing athlete gait and the urine results they were able to accurately distinguish between healthy individuals and those with a history of concussion at acute time points.

They concluded that non-invasive biomarker testing may be useful in diagnosing and monitoring sport-related concussions.

Have you or a loved one suffered a concussion?

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