Crosswalk and School Bus Safety


School Bus Safety

According to the Government of Ontario, approximately 834,000 children are transported on school buses every day in Ontario. They are overwhelmingly safe as a mode of transport. However other drivers on the road need to be aware of them and the law.

As the school year is about to begin let’s review safety and school buses and keep our kids safe.

  • Drive with caution. Anticipate school buses on the roads from 6 am to 6 pm on school days.
  • Put down your phone. Distraction is a leading cause of drivers hitting buses and children.
  • Obey the speed limit and be prepared to stop for a school bus at all times.
  • NEVER PASS A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS when its lights are flashing. That is illegal and extremely dangerous and irresponsible.
  • Leave 20 metres of space when you stop for the bus for children to cross safely.
  • STOP and YIELD the whole road for crossing guards controlling pedestrian crossovers, crosswalks and school crossings,
  • STOP IN BOTH DIRECTIONS FOR STOPPED BUSES WITH LIGHTS ON even on multilane roads unless there is a centre median.

Teach your children to listen to the crossing guards and school bus drivers, and to check both ways for cars every time they cross the road.

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