Some of the Region’s Most Collision Prone Roads are in Cambridge


The Region released its traffic data and five Hespeler Road intersection make the top 20 list. Cambridge Today reported the grim news last week. While it appears the roads are getting safer on whole with a drop in collision rates by 32% there remain some particularly dangerous intersections where extra care is warranted.

Cambridge had over 1,400 collisions in 2020 with one fatality. This places Cambridge second in most collisions. North Dumfries has the most collisions per 1000 people in the Region.

Collisions are also measured by cost. In Cambridge two intersections are the most expensive in the Region:

  • King and Bishop cost almost $65,000 in accidents
  • Hespeler and Maple Grove/Fisher Mills came in second with a cost of $61, 300. 
  • These numbers do NOT include the social costs, personal injury costs, and loss of income due to injury.

Most dangerous intersections for car collisions:

  1. Homer Watson and Block Line
  2. Fairway and Wilson
  3. Hespeler and Bishop
  4. Hespeler at Maple Grove/Fisher Mills
  5. Hespeler and Beaverdale

Most dangerous intersections for pedestrians:

  1. University and Albert
  2. Ainslie and Main
  3. King and Bishop
  4. Erb and Erbsville/Ira Needles
  5. Kingsway and Wilson

Most dangerous intersection for cyclists:

  1. Hespeler and Munch
  2. Hespeler and Bishop
  3. Courtland and Siebert
  4. Hespeler and Avenue /Jaffray
  5. Water and Ainslie

The numbers for 2020 were reduced overall due to COVID closures and reduced traffic.

How can you stay safe?

When you are driving, riding or walking PAY ATTENTION to your surroundings. Look for others on the road and anticipate their actions.

As a pedestrian be especially careful at intersections and lanesways. Always make eye contact witht he drivers and cyclcists to make sure they see you. Consider not wearing your ear buds so you can hear the traffic around you. Cross at corsswalks and obey the rules.

As a cyclist make sure you obey all traffic signes, watch for cars in intersecitons and laneways, don't wear ear buds, pay attention to your surroundings.

As a driver slow down. Look for cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. Dont drive distracted. Don't ear your ear buds. Drive sober.

What should you do if you are injured in a car, pedestrian or cycling accident that wasn't your fault?

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle please contact our experienced personal injury lawyers today for your free initial consultation. Don’t face your situation alone! 1.866.8474



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