A New Treatment Shows Promise in Treating SCI (Spinal Cord Injury)


A serious spinal cord injury can be one of the most devastating and life-altering injuries resulting from accidents. They are often permanent and impact not only the victim but their family. At Deutschmann Law, our lawyers understand how devastating this can be. We specialize in personal injury cases involving spinal cord injuries. Every case is unique. Therefore, our team will thoroughly review your case so that we can pursue a settlement that will not only protect you financially but bring you some peace of mind during this difficult time.

SCI impacts about 86,000 in Canada of which 44,000 were the result of trauma like car accidents, motor vehicle accidents slips and falls, and sports accidents.

Spinal cord injury at its worse can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. Research being conducted at the University of California has determined that intensive exercise combined with the implantation of neural stem cells increases functionality in spinal cord injury. This field of research has focussed on combined therapies to treat SCI for several years and now can show measurable increases in the success of the therapy in lab animals.

It appears that rehab success is greater and results in better functional outcomes when it is combined with pro-regenerative therapies like stem cell grafting.

In tests on rats, they found that the rehab therapy begun about one month after injury (like in humans) enhanced the regeneration of spinal axons resulting in better functioning of the rats’ forelimbs (the area that was injured). According to the researchers

"These new findings indicate that rehabilitation plays a critically important role in amplifying functional recovery when combined with a pro-regenerative therapy, such as a neural stem cell transplant," said first author Paul Lu, PhD, associate adjunct professor of neuroscience at UC San Diego School of Medicine and research health science specialist at the Veterans Administration San Diego Healthcare System.
"Indeed, we found a surprisingly potent benefit of intensive physical rehabilitation when administered as a daily regimen that substantially exceeds what humans are now provided after SCI."

This research will help guide the successful treatment of spinal cord injury in humans and points to the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy active life after SCI. You can read the entire research paper here.

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