What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Specialize in?


At Deutschmann Personal Injury and Disability Law, our team of lawyers has decades of experience providing our clients with legal advice and support when they need it the most. We have the knowledge and resources to help you get through some of the most difficult points of your life. We will worry about the paperwork and your legal interests and you can worry about recovery and your future.

Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you’ve sustained a serious injury in a car accident you need a team who can support you in this very difficult and traumatic time. Our team will help you access the income replacement, medical and rehab benefits that you are entitled to. We’ll also make sure that you get full and fair compensation for your damages. Find more information here

Bicycle, Motorcycle and Pedestrian Accidents

These accidents can cause the most devastating injuries resulting in significant lifelong impairments. Many issues need to be assessed early on such as what happened in the accident and who is at fault; what medical, rehabilitation and income benefits are available and assisting with arrangements to get appropriate medical assistance for the best possible outcome from your injuries. Find more information here

Spinal Cord and Brain Injury

Serious spinal cord injury can result in paralysis, quadriplegia, or tetraplegia. A significant brain injury can be debilitating resulting in your inability to continue working and requiring lifelong medical and rehab assistance. We know what you are going through and how this impacts you financially now and in the future. We’re here for you. Find more information here

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one under any circumstance is difficult. However, losing a loved one in a vehicular accident is particularly devastating. Determining who is at fault can be almost as painful as the loss itself. Having a family shattered by the wrongful death of a loved one is a tragedy that you should not attempt to deal with on your own. At times like this, you need an experienced lawyer to guide you through your legal options to ensure the financial security of your family.  We’re here for you. Find more information here

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere such as in restaurants, grocery stores, nightclubs and bars, shopping centres and malls, retail stores, golf courses, theme parks, street or road, park or playground, sidewalk, airport terminal, construction zone or even in homes. If you slipped, tripped or fell and were injured as a result, you may be entitled to compensation for general damages such as pain and suffering, loss of income and ability to earn income, home maintenance and housekeeping and health care expenses not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). You can make these claims from the party responsible for your accident. Find more information here

Nursing Home and Long Term Care Fatalities

There is nothing more difficult than the decision to place a parent, grandparent or another family member into a nursing home or long-term care facility. If you have concerns about the circumstances surrounding the passing of a family member contact our personal injury team and we’ll begin an investigation and assessment of a claim. Find more information here

Birth Injuries or Death

At Deutschmann Personal Injury Law we understand this loss is devastating. If your newborn child has experienced birth injury or death you can count on our experience and compassion. We will arrange an assessment and investigation of the circumstances surrounding the birth injury or birth death. We are committed to helping you find out what happened and to working to secure the future of your child and family. Find more information here

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