CAAT,Canadian Animal Assistance Team,Ontario,animal rescue CAAT- Canadian Animal Assistance Team

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CAAT,Canadian Animal Assistance Team,Ontario,animal rescue CAAT- Canadian Animal Assistance Team

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT)

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) is a registered charity that consists of volunteer Canadian veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants. Our organization provides veterinary services for communities with little or no access to veterinary services (either geographically or financially).  Our mission is to assist these communities with pet population control, disease prevention, and human health risks associated with these issues.


Our main focus is on our Canadian Indigenous communities.  Many of these communities are very remote and have never had access to veterinary services.  We base our model on the One Health model.  We know that reducing the number of unwanted strays and creating a healthier environment for the pets in the community has many benefits beyond population control. The health and welfare of the animals improves by creating a healthier population, less fighting, less strays, less unwanted animals that are not cared for.  The animal health is also undeniably intertwined with the health of the people in the community (both physically and psychologically)…Spaying and neutering decreases the need for fighting for insufficient resources and breeding rights which creates a safer environment for the animals AND the people. Vaccinating and deworming the animals in the community reduces the risk of zoonotic disease (disease spread from animal to humans).   Empowering pet owners with the ability to care for their pets is invaluable in creating an environment for change in the community as a whole.  


Many communities that we partner with were controlling their population either through mass culls (if very remote and there was no other choice) or re-homing through rescue organizations that help to transfer the animals out of the community when needed.   This is a never-ending job for rescue groups and removing or culling dogs does not solve the basic issue of repopulation.   There is a never-ending supply of new puppies and kittens to replace those that were removed.  Permanent sterilization is the only long-term humane solution for an animal management program.   The communities we work with share this philosophy.


When we hold our spay/neuter clinic events we bring all our equipment and supplies with us and set up right in the community.  We provide the following at no charge to the community members in need:

o   canine and feline population control (sterilization surgery)

o   disease control (vaccinating and deworming)

o   humane education on basic animal needs and care

o   we facilitate connections to resources to create a local pet population management plan that is locally sustainable


More About CAAT

Our team members are volunteers from all across Canada.   As a charity organization, we are in need of finances every year to be able to provide the much-needed services in our host communities.

CAAT’s work with the Indigenous communities in Canada is ongoing, we have many communities approach us each year.    We will continue to work with host communities that want to make a difference and give them the much–needed first step in achieving a long-term pet population management program.

Chris Robinson, the Executive Director of CAAT, lives in Cambridge, Ontario but the volunteer teams are from all across Canada.

Chris Robinson, RVT, Executive Director

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Mead

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