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Tim Louis is the Member of Parliament for Kitchener-Conestoga, elected in 2019. Husband and father, he is a devoted community leader with a proven record of community service. As a successful full-time professional musician and recording artist, he displays leadership by example. Through his involvement with countless local charities, Tim has shown his deep passion and determination to make a real difference for families in Kitchener-Conestoga.


Having lived in the Forest Heights area of Kitchener for the past 25 years, Tim has strong roots in the community, where he and his wife are raising their two children. Together, his family fosters rescued dogs; chaos and love from various four-legged visitors is common and welcomed.


An award-winning songwriter and musician, Louis has recorded four solo albums of original material. For seven years Louis volunteered for a community radio station, hosting his own weekly radio show Jazz Sessions. Countless shows have enabled him to share his talent across many thousands of miles for across Canada and around the world. Whether he was putting on shows for the Canadian Forces overseas, touring Canada coast to coast or performing right here at home, Louis has gained a deeper appreciation for the freedom and the values that make us proud to be Canadian.


“My music career has allowed me the good fortune to meet people from all walks of life. I have the privilege of connecting with people during the most significant moments in their lives. Through that lens, I have a unique understanding of the issues that are truly important to the people in our community.”


Tim recognizes and celebrates Kitchener-Conestoga’s vibrant character and community, and is proud to representing his community's interests in Ottawa. He has firsthand experience with the challenges that middle-class families face every day, and he understands the issues of the riding.


“Kitchener Conestoga is diverse and our needs are varied. We have connections to the manufacturing, arts and tech sectors as well as farming and agricultural ties. Infrastructure, jobs, and services for our aging population are priorities. Equally important are farmland protection, sustainability, and local food initiatives. Many of us are taking care of our parents and trying to save for our own retirement while ensuring our children and the next generation have the opportunities and quality of life they deserve.”


In his role in Ottawa as Member of Parliament, Tim sits on the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage and the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food. He is a member of the National, Ontario, Rural, and Women’s Liberal Caucuses, and is the Chair of Southwest Region Liberal Caucus. Tim is also a member of numerous Inter-Parliamentary and Friendship Groups.

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