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Shipperbee - The Better, Simpler, Greener Way To Ship

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About Us

Shipperbee. Help us change the world of regional shipping, one city at a time

ShipperBee was created with a simple but powerful vision. If every car already in transit carried a few parcels, there would be significantly fewer trucks on the road and fewer carbon emissions harming the environment. We are a team of passionate people who care for the environment and love that we are doing our part to make a big difference.

We're building and shaping a better future

ShipperBee utilizes trips that are already taking place (and all the empty trunk space) to get parcels where they need to go without adding more carbon emissions. We call this The Power of While.

We do what's right, always

A healthy planet benefits us all. We empower our employees, drivers, shippers and Hive hosts to do their part to make the world a better place.

We're people driven

We put our business in the hands of capable, conscientious people. We treat our employees right, so they'll succeed and grow along with us. We take care of our customers and treat their shipments like our own. In short, we recognize the real people behind each delivery and strive to put them first.

We go the extra mile

Our team is constantly looking for ways to refine our system to be more convenient, more rewarding, and more user-friendly.

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