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Wendy Davis is a singer /songwriter/photograper now living and working in British Columbia.
Originally from the Peterbourough area, she moved to Guelph, Fergus Elora area. Using Fergus as her base, she wrote and performed original music throughout Canada.
She now captures the natural world as it presents itself to her.
In The Company Of Giants
A mind blowing day on the water in support of The Marine Education Research Society yesterday...sometimes there are not sufficient words to describe such beauty. So many humpback whales, sea lions, birds and dolphins...dolphins who were seen at first pestering humpback "Freckles" and later turned their attention to humpback "Inukshuk". Inukshuk was seen tail lobbing, slapping his pectoral fins and rolling over on his back for what seemed like hours and at one point exploded out of the water in a full aerial breach. It soon became obvious that his antics may not just have been a reaction to those pesky dolphins but perhaps an amorous display intended to impress the fair "Freckles" as he continued to partially breach and trumpet. Who knew marine education could be so steamy?

We listened with the hydrophone to their amazing voices beneath us...other-worldly but indeed of this world. Right in our back yard.

Thank you Jackie Hildering, Christie McMillan and the crew at MERS and also the crew at Stubb's Island Whale watching for a truly incredible day ?. All photos taken with telephoto lens and cropped.


The 2021 Raven Calendar Now Available

The 2021 Raven calendar is an 8.5"x11" (11"x17"open) wall calendar printed on heavy card stock is available for purchase now. See the link on the right.

Previous customers will be happy to know that this year's calendar includes the phases of the moon. This year's cover photo is one used in a previous calendar but seemed appropriate to re-visit in these challenging times we currently find ourselves living in. If you don't see your country listed for delivery, please message me and I will calculate the shipping cost for you. Be well and be safe...and hope for better things in 2021!

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