Cindy Watson - Waterloo Region District School Board Trustee - Cambridge / North Dumfries

Contact Information:
  • 51 Ardelt Avenue
  • Kitchener,   ON   N2C 2R5
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About Us

I believe in servant leadership and doing my best to “treat others the way I would like to be treated”. I consistently bring constituents concerns forward at the board table. As an elected representative I believe that it is a privilege and an honour to serve constituents. I am a strong advocate of student, parent and staff involvement and engagement. I support the use of surveys, focus groups and participation on committees which contribute to meaningful discussion and input. I believe boards make better policy when students, parents and staff are involved in the decisions making process.


According to the Education Act the board is responsible for the academic performance and well-being of students. Ultimate success is demonstrated by students who achieve their full potential, students with disabilities are given the best support, parents are treated as partners and encouraged to participate in their child’s education, and staff that have been given adequate resources and feel supported. When these are in alignment and unified everyone is successful, and students realize their full potential.


Boards that are progressive generate new and creative ideas and solutions by demonstrating a culture of freedom. Freedom that allows the sharing of different ideas and opinions in a respectful manner, realizing that “everyone” plays a part and no contribution is insignificant.

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