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Rob Deutschmann for Regional Council

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Rob for Regional Council

Rob Deutschmann for Regional Council

I am asking for your support and to elect me as Regional Councillor in the upcoming municipal election.


Our community, like many across the country, is in crisis. Inflationary pressures, impacted by rising gas prices and supply chain issues, are going to result in a variety of challenges due to increasing labour costs, capital costs, the costs to deliver current and expanded social services, assisting the homeless and more affordable housing options, to name a few items. The times require experienced municipal leadership, to help work with fellow councillors and staff, to guide Region of Waterloo through the unprecedented, troubled times ahead. The solutions will take vision, creativity and commitment to ensuring that Waterloo Region continues to grow, remain prosperous, and that prosperity is shared by all in our community.


Coming out of the pandemic, we are entering into a uncharted waters. We, like many communities across the province and across the country, will face crises on several fronts. Socially and economically, we are going to experience tremendous pressures on our ability to react to issues in our community, in the face of these troubling economic and inflationary pressures. As a community we face tremendous pressure due to rising inflation and gas prices, food insecurity, and global political uncertainty that ripples through to our local government and into your homes.


There will be difficult municipal decisions ahead with respect to labour costs, costs for operations, in particular gas costs, construction costs and social service expenditures. I want to be at the horseshoe to work with fellow councillors, and staff, to find a Waterloo Region solution to these issues, to meet the challenges head on and provide people with the opportunity to improve their circumstances. I want to work to ensure no one in Waterloo Region is left behind. The times ahead will make budgeting very difficult. There will be a lot of pressures to preserve current expenditures, and likely a loud call for cuts. It is during difficult times like this that we need to develop budget strategies that minimize the impacts of these pressures and find way to maintain and increase social service support.


During my last term on Regional Council, I was part of a team that supported and obtained additional funding for discretionary benefits, while we were dealing with provincial cutbacks that placed an undue burden on the most vulnerable in our community. We are about to see that again. I want to bring my experience as a former Mayor and Regional Councillor, working with fellow regional councillors and staff, to ensure that Waterloo Region continues to grow, develop, and maintain our supports for the most vulnerable in our community. I also believe, in addition to my previous experience as mayor and councillor, that my experience as a lawyer, advocating for those that are injured and disabled, will be a benefit to fulfilling my role as a Regional Councillor.

I know that I have the experience and proven ability to fulfill the role of Regional Councillor and to provide good governance on behalf of the people of Kitchener and Waterloo Region.


My vision includes:

  • Continued protection of the greenbelt and our country-side line.
  • Support for increased intensification around the ION route and stations, and also within established neighbourhoods.
  • Improved transit between cities including high speed transit between Waterloo Region and Montreal.
  • Limiting the amount of farmland sought for countryside expansion by developers.
  • Supporting a moratorium on the expansion of gravel pits.
  • Support for the proposed Regional Official Plan. The plan is innovative and visionary. It promotes 15-minute neighbourhoods and more missing middle housing. We have a large inventory of existing land for greenfield homes. The plan places an emphasis on intensification over more urban sprawl and protects our countryside line.


I ask for your support on October 24, 2022.

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