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  • Phone:  (888) 310-1122    
  • Deaf Emergency Callers ( O.P.P.)
  • Kitchener,   ON

OPP - Safe Communities - A Secure Ontario

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Ontario Provincial Police


Community Safety and provincial security are the foundation upon which the Ontario Provincial Police delivers law enforcement and policing services.  The OPP is one of North America's largest deployed police services with more than 5,400 uniformed officers, 2,000 civilian employees and 850 Auxiliary Officers focused on the organization's dual priorities: 

Safe Communities...A Secure Ontario.

The OPP maintains approximately 163 local detachment and satellite offices throughout the province, in addition to OPP General Headquarters, five Regional Headquarters locations and the Highway Safety Division.  The OPP places a significant emphasis on services related to community-level policing and to traffic safety.  Members of the O.P.P. work collaboratively with municipal leaders, police services boards, community policing advisory committees and community groups to plan and deliver quality, front-line municipal and First Nations' policing and law enforcement at the local level.






OPP Anti-Rackets - Fraud

Office of Public Guardian & Trustee

Ministry of Transportation

Crime Prevention Assoc.

Community Legal Education

Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

Prevention of Elder Abuse

Consumer Protection Act




Internet 101

Committee of Youth Officers

Esteem Team

RCMP - Deal.org

Youth Justice Services in Ontario

Ministry of Children & Youth Services

Operation Springboard

Youth Justice Ontario

Ontario Gang & Investigators Assoc.



Canadian Crime Prevention Centre

CPTED Ontario

Federation of Ontario Cottage Association

Kids Comfort Kit

Mutual Protect

National Crime Prevention Centre

Ontario Crime Stoppers

Operation Provident



ACTION - Agricultural Crime

Cottage Watch

MNR - Ontario Forestry

National Assoc. of Property Recovery

National Center on Rural Justice and Crime Prevention

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food


"The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it."  Sir Robert Peel

For more info contact the Crime Prevention Team or (705) 329-7680.

 The closest OPP Branch is located in Cambridge.



Phone: 519-654-0150
Fax: 519-654-9650


Location Address
500 Beaverdale Road

N3C 2V3

Mailing Address
500 Beaverdale Rd

N3C 2V3


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