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Grand River Hospital (Freeport Site)

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  • 3570 King St E
  • Kitchener,   ON   N2A 2W1

We will provide Exceptional CARE with Compassion

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About Us

Grand River Hospital


We will provide Exceptional CARE with Compassion.
We strive to be exceptional in everything we do
We CARE; Comfort, Assess, Restore and Educate to support the health of our patients
Understanding the unique needs of our patients ... we offer service with compassion






OUR VISIONOur Vision expresses a dedication to being a leader in health advancements
To be a regional leader in providing 24/7 patient care programs through innovation and collaboration, within available resources






Our Role is to provide the community with:
24/7 medical and surgical services
Cancer care
Complex continuing care and rehabilitation
Childbirth and children's services
Mental health services





Our Strategic Themes help up transition from growth to performance:
To demonstrate high performance programs and services
To achieve recognition as a progressive workplace
To deliver on hospital responsibilities within available resources
To nurture effective and collaborative relationships
To promote best practice care through innovation and collaboration





General Contact
Grand River Hospital is a multi-site facility providing acute, complex continuing and cancer care.
Here is how to reach us:

General Telephone Contact (all sites) Main Switchboard
Automated Attendant





Seeking a Family Doctor?

Our hospital provides a comprehensive array of programs and services that are focused on our patients and residents and meeting our community's health care needs.

Tips to assist K-W residents in finding a family physician.

Grand River Hospital provides a hotline updated regularly with the names of physicians in the K-W area who have informed the hospital that they are accepting new patients. The hotline number is (519) 749-4300, ext. 2517.
The Kitchener Chamber of Commerce (at (519) 576-5000) maintains a list of persons requiring family doctors. On the arrival of a new family physician to the community, the list of names is provided to the physician.
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (the licensing body for physicians in Ontario) provides detailed information regarding all physicians. The College website: includes a "Search" function to find information regarding a particular physician or to find any physician within a specified location in Ontario who is accepting new patients. The College can also be reached by telephone at 1-800-268-7096





Program/Service Specific Contacts

Patient Inquiries
Patient Accounts
Cancer Centre
Public Affairs
Volunteer Resources
Human Resources
Privacy Office
Emergency Dept.
Retail Pharmacy

(519) 749-4211
(519) 749-4300 x. 2352
(519) 749-4370
(519) 749-4205
(519) 749-4300 x 3899
(519) 749-4300 x 2613
(519) 749-4300 x 3965
(519) 749-4275
(519) 749-4242
(519) 749-4227


Mailing Addresses

Grand River Hospital – K-W Site
P.O. Box 9056
835 King St. West
Kitchener, ON N2G 1G3

Grand River Hospital – Freeport Site
P.O. Box 9056
3570 King St. East
Kitchener, ON N2A 2W1

Grand River Regional Cancer Centre
P.O. Box 9056
835 King St. West
Kitchener, ON N2G 1G3



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