Mindful Eating Tips

Open Mind,  Open Heart

This mindful eating tips website, provides simple, friendly ways to eat mindfully.

On this Mindful Eating Website learn:

  • Why We Over Eat (click)
  • Deeper Body Awareness
  • Mindfulness – the Nuts and Bolts
  • Mindful Eating vs. Mindless Eating
  • The Benefits of Becoming a Mindful Eater
  • Practical Ways to be Mindful and Mindful Eating Exercises
  • Mindful Eating Tips, Morning Motivation, Action Plans & Small Goals!

“What are we  hungry for? “


Rather then a book that takes days or weeks to read, this Mindful Eating website can provide at a quick glance, mindful eating tips and mindful eating exercises.

You may have felt that it’s time to pursue a more compassionate way of eating. You may have been drawn to mindful eating as an antidote to the empty promises of the diet industry.

Whatever your current relationship to food and your body is, this mindful eating website can help you reconsider your eating habits and whether they are truly serving your highest good. This emotional eating website aims to help you develop an open and accepting attitude towards your emotions.

Through an exploration of the real reasons why we overeat. Noticing our thoughts and feelings around food. Coming into closer contact with our own true appetites.  This then results in a new mindful eating relationship with food.


Mindful eating exercises provides us with simple and compassionate practices to change emotional overeating. Mindfulness eating is an attitude towards food (and much more) that encourages awareness, deliberate action and an open acceptance of the present moment as it unfolds around us.

The Mindfulness Process:

  1. Notice & Recognize
  2. Feel & Accept
  3. Question & Understand

On these pages, audios and videos, we’ll look at how mindful eating can be a refreshing break away from all the expectations that you have about yourself and food that are not serving you.

Each of us is unique. Here you can find a variety of effective mindfulness tools, that show different processes, tips and practices that lead to understanding mindful eating.


The ultimate goal is to become exquisitely tuned into your own appetite, desires and passions. To tune out the noise from the outside world that muffle your innate intuition about what is good for you and what isn’t.

When we understand our true hunger, we realize the psychological, emotional, behavioral, physical and even spiritual causes behind our overeating. Only then can we can start to take realistic steps to remedy it.

Thank You, G Ross Clark