MINDFULNESS TRAINING for local K-W companies. 

Recnetly I provided two workshops for team leaders with the New Zealand government. 

First the team was given 3 choices out 8 themes that they would like Mindfulness Training in. 

The 8 themes for more Happiness at Work: 

* BALANCE: differentiating between you and your job. 

* INTEGRITY: bringing your deepest ethical values to the workplace 

* RESILIENCE: the ability to recover from defeat, frustration, or failure 

* CONCENTRATION: being able to focus without being swayed by distraction 

* MEANING: infusing the work you do with relevance for your own personal goals. 

* COMPASSION: being aware of and sympathetic to the humanity of ourselves and others 

* OPEN AWARENESS: the ability to see the big picture and not be held back by self-imposed limitations 

* COMMUNICATION and CONNECTION: understanding that everything we do and say can further connection or take away from it 


* Eight Themes -http://www.themindfulcoach.com/mindfulnessatwork/ 

* The Basics - http://www.themindfulcoach.com/mindfulnessatwork/basics/ 

* Connection - http://www.themindfulcoach.com/mindfulnessatwork/connection/ 


Also we have the original M.B.S.R. training as per Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. (face to face or online) 


* MBSR Training - http://www.mbsrtraining.com/ 

Other online Mindfulness Training has three levels: 

* Basics 
* Beginners 
* Advanced 


Anxiety Relief - http://www.anxietyrelief.tv/anxiety-relief-training/ (under construction:) 

* We can create a separate program for managers and staff, use a existing one or a combination of both. 

Please call if there are any questions or concerns. 

G Ross Clark, C.C.P. 




Mindfulness at Work