Turn your trunk into cash!

Earn extra money delivering parcels while you’re on your way to work, yoga or groceries. Simply pick up and drop off parcels when you want, based on your schedule.

All the benefits of a side gig - without the hustle

Earn extra gas money. Start a vacation fund. Wherever life’s going,

ShipperBee pays you to take parcels along for the ride.

Earn cash on auto-pilot

We connect you to delivery assignments along your daily commute. No need to veer off your path.

Set your boundaries

BEE your own boss and drive when and where you want. Deliver and drive based on your schedule and location.

BEE a hero

BEEing a part of our team makes a big impact in reducing carbon emissions caused by delivery giants

BEE Rewarded

Great service, hard work, and loyalty are rewarded. You earn cash plus cool stuff with Stinger Rewards.

Anyone can do it

Commuters, stay-at-home parents, students or retirees. We work with people from all walks of life.

Get paid by the trip

Earn a fair wage for parcels you help deliver, plus tips and bonus rewards for great service.

Find gigs that fit

Want to do parcel pick-up or drop-off? Whatever your preference, we’ve got the right gig for you.

Want to BEE part of the BUZZ?


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