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'The program provides youth with the chance to be challenged, supported and feel connected to their local community.' How Horses Help Us Heal
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'When all the studies are compiled a pattern emerges. It is an emphasis on plant foods... which even extends (suggests) to mental health quality.' What exactly should we eat? You would think that after thousands of studies we would have the answer. Actually we do.
Joe Schwarcz PhD - McGill Univeristy News
'Waterloo Region Public Health will be offering Imvamune vaccine to those at high risk of infection.' It's HERE!!! Public Health confirms first local case of monkeypox
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'Ember to provide support and emotional comfort to Cambridge Memorial Hospital personnel.' “Meet CMH's Ember”- She's the First NSD certified Facility Dog dedicated to a Canadian Hospital
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'By sequencing the entire genome of this ctDNA, the test reveals characteristics that are unique to each patient’s cancer.' With just a tablespoon of blood, B.C. researchers aim to transform cancer treatment
KW Now - UBC Science News
'While most children fully recover from a concussion, some will have lasting symptoms such as attention difficulties.' Concussion symptoms in children may have multiple underlying causes
Kw Now News - McGill University Research News
'Empathy is crucial for us as individuals, BUT only 13% of Canadians are feeling empathetic, down markedly from two years ago.' In Case you haven't noticed, our EMPATHY bucket needs refilling
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'This proposal includes building a new, state-of-the-art hospital in Kitchener-Waterloo, renewing and repurposing the existing Grand River Hospital.' Hospitals “Building the Future of Care Together” in Waterloo Region and Beyond
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'Survey suggests Provinces' performance on the key file of health care is in massive decline.' Health Check: Only One-Quarter of Canadians Believe their province is doing a good job managing health care
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'Symptoms of monkeypox include fever, headache, muscle aches, exhaustion, swollen lymph nodes, and rash.' Public Health Agency of Canada Confirms 2 cases of Monkeypox
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'The study clearly shows that food insecurity is associated with poor mental health and lower well-being in both youth and adults.' Shielding children from food insecurity – no protection from psychological problems
McGill University News - On Kw Now
'Can we create a universal coronavirus vaccine to protect us from future pandemics?' Future-Proof A Coronavirus Vaccine. 'Can we create a universal coronavirus vaccine to protect us from future pandemics?'
Written by Jonathan Jarry M.Sc. - McGill News - on Kw Now
'So as COVID cases surge, we must expect more false negatives, for purely mathematical reasons.' Navigating False Negatives on COVID Rapid Tests
Written by Dr. Christopher Labos MD, MSc - McGill News - on KwNow
'A young Black woman’s cancer cells achieved immortality ushering in a medical revolution. How they were acquired casts ripples to this day.' Immortality in the Lab: How One Woman’s Cells Changed Medicine and Ethics
Written by Jonathan Jarry M.Sc. - McGill News - on Kw Now
'Eligibility for a fourth dose to individuals aged 60 and older, First Nation, Inuit and Métis individuals.' Fourth doses of COVID-19 vaccine NOW available for eligible residents
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'The compound has the potential to be used as a broad-spectrum treatment against other viruses using the same mechanism including influenza viruses.' The compound has the potential to be used as a broad-spectrum treatment against other viruses which use the same mechanism including influenza viruses such as influenza A, H1N1, and influenza C. Dr. François Jean
UBC Science News - on Kw Now
'Governments are not on track to meet global targets to eliminate violence against women and girls.' One in four women experience domestic violence before age 50
McGill University News - On Kw Now
'Although compulsive exercise (CE) is frequently accompanied by an eating disorder, 85% of those with eating disorders also exercise compulsively.' Compulsive exercise is a socially acceptable prison cell
Laura Hallward & Lindsay Duncan, McGill University News - on KW Now
'REMEMBER ... Don't get careless, because another variant is inevitable.' Regional Council repeals mask by-law despite concerns from many residents about the move
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'39% of Canadians say that their relationships with Family and Friends have worsened over this period.' Two Years In: Half of Canadians say their mental health has worsened because of COVID - Women under 55 hit hardest
Kw Now Local News - Angus Reid Institute Study