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Local Hero Bets The Farm On One 'Zinger' Of A Smart Phone Tech Analysts are speculating about whether the new Z10 is enough to save the farm for RIM... Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Hines, is plowing the fields of skeptics square in the jaw.
Thomas Hagey - Kw Now Local News
The State Purchased 42 of Miovision's Scout Video Collection Units Indiana DOT chose Miovision's solution to improve the accuracy, efficiency and safety of collecting traffic data for transportation projects that reduce congestion, travel time and emissions.
Company's Commitment To Corporate Culture Helps Win Recognition Kitchener tech company Miovision is named one of Waterloo Area's Top 15 Employers by Mediacorp Canada.
Catherine Hilker
Businesses That Embrace Corporate Culture Are Ahead Of The Game Miovision celebrates its staff and recent achievements with a surprise appreciation shopping spree at Best Buy in Kitchener.
Kw Now! Local News
Award recognizes the company for its excellence in innovation, service quality, environmental sustainaiblity, community citizenship, and commitment to mentorship in Waterloo Region.
12 year-old's Video is Wake-up Call To Bankers, Governments, Everyday People Cambridge youth, Victoria Grant has been telling the financial community her take on debt and the financial crisis. (View YouTube Video.)
Kw Now! Local News
Does Your Company Want To Use Technology To Improve Productivity? If you want to be on the cutting edge of new opportunities for productivity using new technologies, sign up for this seminar...