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Perhaps You've Heard Of Some Of Them? Van Gogh has a lot of famous relatives
Kw Now - Local News
It Remains A Wonderfully SILLY Bad PUN May the fourth be with you it came to be.
Kw Now - News
He Just Couldn't Take It Anymore Wiarton Willie hasn't made a prediction from Wiarton in years.
Thomas Hagey - Kw Now
Woodworth: 'It'll Be A Sad Day For Puppets' Stephen Woodworth MP for Kitchener Centre is stepping up to the plate for some of our most maligned 'Imaginary Friends.'
Thomas Hagey
New Approach To Solving The BB 10 Inventory Problemo(s) Okay folks, tough times means Thorsten is going to go the extra distance to earn his estimated $50,000,000 take...Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Thomas Hagey - Now Media - Humour/Humor
It Ain't Exactly Spring And It Certainly Isn't Summer Summer...Bring it on or take me now.
Thomas Hagey - KW Now! Local News
Darth Vader May (Or May the 4th Not) Make An Appearance May the 4th is more than a speech impediment.
KW Now! News