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'Most fires are preventable. Through awareness, education & safety practices we can prevent the unthinkable from happening.' Waterloo Fire Rescue virtual home smoke alarm and Fire Safety campaign 2021
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'Everyone plays an important role in motorcycle safety... Even if (especially if) you do not ride a motorcycle.' Aggressive, Careless Driving Linked To Increase In Motorcycle Deaths This Year.
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2,100 People Killed Or Injured Annually Waterloo Regional Police Service Supports Operation Clear Track During Rail Safety Week
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'Fire strikes when we let our guard down - when we’re distracted.' - Chief Hepditch Help Make Waterloo Fire Rescue's holiday wishes come true!
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'Canine working dogs calendar in support of Youth Foundation & OPP Museum It's Been A RUFF Year: OPP Canines Put Their Best Paws Forward In New 2021 Calendar
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Here's What Can Happen When A Motorist Hits A Deer Don't Veer For Deer Says Ontario Provincial Police. Watch for glowing eyes of deer at night.
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Road Kill: Speed, Impaired, Distracted, Aggressive And Unrestrained Occupants = Fatalities OPP Report Fatalities Are Up Right Across the Board As Be Observe Road Safety Week.
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Many Factors Including Isolation Are Causing Violence Escalation Waterloo Regional Police Report A 30% Increase in Domestic Violence Calls. Many Factors Including Isolation Are Causing Violence Escalation.
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Emergency Alert Was Issued For People 10 Kilometers From Nuclear Plant Incident Reported At Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.
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FACT: 32% of fatally injured drivers aged 16 to 19 tested positive for marihuana National Teen Driver Safety Week - Police Services Partner With Communities
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Five Recipients Who Have Made A Difference Children's Hero Awards: 10 Years Of Ordinary Kids Doing Extraordinary Deeds.
Thomas Hagey - The Children's Safety Village
George Dietrich And Rob Deutschmann Go The Extra Distance Two Safety-Minded Injury and Disability Law Firms Committed To Kids Bike Helmet Program. Rob Deutschmann And George Dietrich Go The Extra Distance.
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Be Sure Your Family Is Prepared - It Can Happen To Anyone Local Fire Departments Give Holiday Caution: Cooking, Smoking & Alcohol Dangerous MIX.
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Presented By The Canadian Association For Chiefs Of Police Operation Impact: An Informative Public Display And A Call For Safer Driving.
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Community Safety IS Up To Us! 8 Back To School Tips For Increased School Bus Safety
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Install Alarms - Get Fuel Appliances Checked Annually Carbon Monoxide Kills - 80% Of Injuries & Deaths Happen In The Home.
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78% Of Serious Cycling Head Injuries Are A Result Of Not Wearing A Helmet Two Local Personal Injury Law Firms, Paquette Travers & Deutschmann and Dietrich Law, Donate Helmets To Grade Two Cyclists.
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Lifejackets, Alcohol And Overall Safety On The Water Key Factors Tragic Start To Boating Season Has OPP Calling For A Shift In Attitudes on Lifejackets, Alcohol And Overall Safety.
OPP - Boating Safety
Kinesiology Professor Glen Selkirk On A Mission For Safety Research Helps Keep Firefighters Safe From Heat Illness & Chemical Exposure.
Andrew Stokes
Motorcycle Safety Is Everyone's Concern Observe These 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips.
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