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“Despite the pandemic, wars and conflict rage across the world, displacing millions, barring many from returning home.” UN Refugee Agency releases 2022 resettlement needs report and the Situation is Critical
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How is the COVID-19 pandemic changing city life? The post-pandemic city: UBC expert on how the coronavirus will impact future cities.
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The New Georgia Project Issues a Statement On The Impact Of RBG’s Death Some Americans Have Grave Concerns With The Passing Of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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The Goal Is To Eliminate Hunger By 2030 New UN Report Calls On Governments To Urgently Address Food Insecurity.
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Yemen's First Positive Case of COVID-19 Could Be Disastrous Civil War-Torn Yemen Braces For The Arrival Of A New Enemy. Yemen First Positive Case of COVID-19 Could Be disastrous.
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World Animal Protection raising concerns over the recent news Out Of China Cruel Bear Bile Industry Thrives Despite Pandemic Risks.
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Dr. Abdhu Sharkawy: Facts not fear. Clean hands. Open hearts. Toronto Infectious Disease Specialist's Comments About Pandemic Go Viral.
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Foul Play Has Not Been Ruled Out 63 Canadians Die As Ukrainian Boeing-737 Crashes In Iran
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Australia Is A Continent Familiar With Bushfires As Fires Continue To Rage Australia is facing an unprecedented national crisis
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China's Middle Class Is Nearly Twice As Big As The Entire US Population Amazon Who? Alibaba's 'Single’s Day' Event Is Biggest 24 Hour Shopping Extravaganza In The World.
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Michael Pompeo: Iranian-backed Terrorism Poses Global Threat US State Department Announces Extradition Of Iranian Diplomat In Bomb Plot. Iranian-backed Terrorism Poses Global Threat.
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Cool Fascismo: A Theme Worth Your Attention Republican Donald TRUMP Brunt Of Latest ADBUSTER Issue
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Despite The Progress There Are Still Barriers Holding Women Back International Women's Day Means Different Things To Different People.
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More Companies Than Letters In The ALPHABET Google Changes Name - Organizing For The Future. See details.
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What Will Charlotte's Last Name Be? Kate and William are new parents AGAIN!!!
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MIssion To Mars Carries Great Risks And Survival Issues The Top 100 candidates for Mars mission are moving on to the next round of preparation.
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Mariliana Morales' Foundation Rescues Women & Children From Slavery Mariliana Morales is an exceptional women who has helped thousands of women and children excape sexual slavery.Come Hear her speak.
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NATO Continues To Report & Protect The Lives Of The Afghanistan People There is no easy way to clean up the mines and other explosives left behind for 4 decades. The job has to be done one at a time. View NATO Video.
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50 Years Of Conspiracy Theories ( Enough Already!!!) It's been 50 years since those shots rang out in is the first audio reports of the JFK shooting.
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Festival Also Had A 'Women's Only Night' Component People In Afghanistan want peace too. The peace festival in Kabul brought together home grown musicians as well as from India, Pakistan and Tajikistan. (Video View Concert details.)
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