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New Facility To Beef Up Our Competitive Advantage Ontario will soon be home to the most sophisticated sustainable livestock production research centre in Canada.
Kevin Gonsalves - U of G on Kw Now
There Are A Growing Number Of Urban Chicken Coops University of Guelph Project Aims For Better Health and Welfare of Backyard Flocks.
Teresa Pitman - Guelph Now - Local News
Create Them And They Will Come Food Spaces, Vibrant Places is a community-based campaign created to support more temporary farmers' markets and community gardens in Kitchener, Cambridge, and Waterloo.
Krista Long
Big WIN For Agri-chemical Giants GM Alfalfa is all but a done deal in Eastern Canada. Kiss organic goodbye.
Kw Now! Agri- News - National Farmers' Union
DNA Barcoding Is Getting To The Bottom Of An Ocean Of Lies And Deception A seafood and fish fraud is running rampant across the world as cheaper substitutes are replacing the real deal...But they can't fool the University of Guelph DNA Barcoding team.
Kw Now! Local News
Coexistence With Non GM Alfalfa 'Utterly Absurd' Say Farmers While the fight against the introduction of genetically modified alfalfa in Ontario is still a hot issue with farmers and consumers... it may well be a done deal. Find out why.
Kw Now! Local News