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'Jeremy Wang earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at University of Waterloo... and he's bent on changing the world of commercial flight.' U of W Grad Wins Innovation Award for Landing Canada’s First Gate-to-Gate Autonomous Flight
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'The hope is that it will reveal what we cannot see: the history of the universe told by light originating from soon after the Big Bang.' The Gold Plating on the James Webb Space Telescope is Much Thinner than Human Hair
Haleh Cohn - Student Contributor - McGill University on KwNow
'These deepest infrared images from James Webb's 21 foot telescope reveal the dawn of time.' The Light from Deep Field Galaxy images travelled 80 billion trillion miles to get to us
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'As 'Sagittarius A' is 27,000 light years away it is not a threat to us ... there is little cause for concern here on earth.' Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy
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'A continuous human presence in orbit will test technologies and develop skills needed to explore farther than ever before.' Major Tom's groundbreaking scientific research to continue as Biden administration extends U.S. ISS support until 2030
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'Because of gender and class Mary Anning's geological findings were ignored by the (male) scientific community' NASA's Curiosity Takes Selfie With 'Mary Anning' on the Red Planet.
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'NASA will land the first woman and the first person of color on the surface of the Moon through Artemis Program.' NASA Launches Orion Spacecraft to the Moon and Beyond as Artemis Program begins
'Survey reveals that nearly 50 percent of frontline workers are preparing to leave their current jobs citing burnout as the top reason.' Waterloo Company Axonify Releases Annual Global State of Frontline Work Experience Study
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'Waterloo Engineering grad gets closer to his childhood dream at the MARS desert simulator in Utah.' On a mission to Mars...aboard a Utah-based desert simulator
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“Our lives have become increasingly digital which means the security threats we face are also becoming digital.' Engineering researchers win federal backing for cybersecurity tech to mitigate supply chain risks.
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Perseverance is persevering and exceeding all expectations Perseverance sends back photos and video footage of historic Mars landing
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'Perseverance Rover will search for signs of ancient microbial life... and pave the way for future human exploration of Mars.' The Amazing Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission: Landing February 18, 2021
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'Creating A Medical Tool And A Home Tool to Zap Away COVID-19.' Up-and-Coming Guelph Researcher Earns Award for Invention that Quickly Disinfects Everyday Items from Coronavirus.
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'Scientists from U of W And MIT develop portable quantum cascade laser with countless applications' Breakthrough enables tiny, powerful laser device to generate terahertz radiation outside of the lab
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'Minnesota Based Company adding additional 100 jobs at Waterloo office'' Arctic Wolf Networks hits US$1.3B valuation with new $200M funding
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Tackling Noise Is The Central Problem Of Their Performance New Protocol Is A Huge Breakthrough For Future Of Quantum Computers.Tackling Noise Is The Central Problem Of Their Performance.
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Researchers From University Of Waterloo And U of G Develop Study Researchers Develop New Method Of Analyzing Social Media Data To Identify Potential Disease Outbreaks.
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Emergency Manufacturing Operating Out Of Two Departments University of Waterloo Is 3D Printing Face Shield Components To Help Protect Front-line Medical Workers.
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Waterloo Incubator Helps Fintech And AI Startups Accelerator Centre Wins Accelerator of the Year Award Second Year In A Row
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“Cannabis Production” Offered Beginning In September U of G Offering Online Cannabis Courses For Commercial & Home Growers.
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