A Car Dealership That Cares

By: Garston Motors
| Published 05/15/2018


Social enterprises in Ontario, Canada, what comes to mind? Well, a car dealership certainly won't be your first thought. But that's what Garston Motors, a car dealership that not only sells vehicles but also sets out to inspire others. Over the last four years, Garston Motors has already donated over $120,000 promoting local social entrepreneurship, and they promise that there is plenty more to come.

A whopping $120,000 Raised in Three Years!

Established in 1999, Garston Motors is a modest car dealership in Cambridge Ontario that prides themselves in the specialty of providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere to pre-owned car purchases. However, that's only half the story, as they also realize that humanitarian work is as important as turning a profit.

Garston Motors realized that they could do so much more than just be self-sustaining. They began focusing more of their effort on social entrepreneurship and steadily moulded themselves into a social entrepreneurship. So far, they've centralized their endeavor around their local community: Kitchener and Waterloo.

One of their most recent effort was a contribution to Argus, a charity committed to improving lives of young people in poverty and struggling with the adversity potentially losing the roof over their heads. To partake in this noble effort, Garston Motors donated $8,160 to the charity as a gold sponsor on their event “A Night of Wine & Roses” held at February 23rd, 2018.

That is just the surface though. They have notable contributions toward a variety of non-profit organizations including KidsAbility, Make-A-Wish, Morningstar Family Ministries and Women's Crisis Services and loads more. Trying to give whenever they can regardless of how minuscule the contribution may seem is the spirit of Garston Motors.

Of course, it’s not all on the surface. Their unceasing active effort in participating in local charities and non-profits do so much more than just that. The real effect can be seen resonating in the tightly-knitted community as it spurred on countless other companies in Southern Ontario to return the favour by giving back to the people who brought them up.

It's important to not undermine the importance of social enterprises in an area. They have a profound effect in nurturing a healthy community by tackling lingering social issues. That effect goes further as it's making the world a better place to live in. It's an inspiration for employees, providing them with an alternate positive goal, rather than purely self-centred satisfaction.

These acts will eventually snowball and really encourage the altruistic act of giving out of corporates and individuals. It’s wonderful, and truly an uplifting tale that is much needed nowadays when all the attention is on how the world looks grim and bleak. The local populace will appreciate having this sort of business running in the city.