Does Anyone Else In Kitchener Waterloo Feel Like A Duck?

By: Thomas Hagey - KW Now! Local News
| Published 05/18/2011


It Ain't Exactly Spring And It Certainly Isn't Summer

It's Great Weather...if you're a DUCK!

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Summer? Are You Kidding me? Where? When?

Oh Spring where is thine sense of decency?...Summer thine warm breezes and long sunny afternoons? And Lucifer, thoust evil weather warlock, where doest thoust figure in these wicked weather warnings and wetness???

And February, as if you thought you would get off the hook. Your long gray days have not been forgotten but you are not without blame. You are a device in what we can only assume is Spring's practical joke on we the good people of this green, wet earth.

Be gone foul scurvy!!! Let us be warmed and invigorated by new days blessed with sunshine and fair winds of this elusive season we Canadians like to call Summer.

Fear not good people. Be patient. It WILL come. When? I know not when. But we must have faith in that which our weather people know not what.

They are but imposters posing as weather people.

So that's it? That's your explanation?

We are getting the tail end of a violent weather front centred in Nebraska?

The long weekend draws near and all you can say is blame it on Nebraska?

Phooey on You-ey!!!


Okay folks. That's my rant. I had to draw the line somewhere and as you can see above--I've done just that!

Be positive. Stay calm. Say a little, perhaps pray a little...and we shall be fine.

Fear not. Everything will be Just Ducky soon...even when soon doesn't seem soon enough.