City of Waterloo Seeks Public Input On Casino Possibility

By: Kw Now! Local News - Waterloo
| Published 04/02/2013


City of Waterloo Seeks Input - Where Do You Stand On A Local Casino?

Offer Your Insights Into The Decision-making Mix

Waterloo, April 2, - The City of Waterloo is seeking public feedback on the
prospect of having a casino in this city.

Do you have thoughts on whether you want to see a Casino move into town? What would be the upside? The Downside?

Don't wait until it's too late to comment. Get involved now.

There are several ways residents can share their opinions:

* Online feedback form –
* Email –
* Phone – 519?957?9727
* Fax – 519?747?8500
* TTY – 1?866?786?3941
* Mail – Mayor’s Office

City of Waterloo
100 Regina St. S.
PO Box 337, Station Waterloo
Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8

The deadline to submit feedback is April 30, 2013. Submissions must include the resident’s
name and address (including street number and name, city, province and postal code).
Names, addresses and comments will be made public.

At this time, the city is unaware of any specific proposal for a gaming facility in Waterloo.