Flood Watch Issued : Water Levels To Rise for Grand River Watershed

By: Kw Now! Flood Warning
| Published 04/09/2013


Heavy rains, Warmer Temperatures Will Cause Water Levels To Rise

Welcome To A Belated Spring...Get Ready For Some Spillage

The heavy rains and warm temperatures predicted for this week are expected to raise water levels in streams and rivers throughout the watershed. A total of 75-100 mm of precipitation is expected to fall over much of the watershed during the next four days. The first of a series of rainfall events is expected Monday evening with forecast amounts of 10 to 15 mm of rainfall. The rainfall, along with the melt of any remaining snow in the upper watershed will cause river levels to rise.

Upstream reservoirs levels are currently being lowered to provide additional storage to reduce downstream flooding.

The GRCA’s flood forecasting model is prepared to provide expected water level details as the rain and snow melt occurs.

River levels will rise over the next few days as water runs off. Flooding is anticipated in low lying areas along the Grand, Conestogo, Nith and Speed Rivers later this week. Water levels are expected to remain high throughout the week and into the weekend, particularly in the southern river. The low level bridge in St. Jacob’s has already been closed due to high flows in the Conestogo River and will remain closed until further notice.

Updated flood messages will be issued as this event unfolds. Regional police and municipal staff are encouraged to review their flood procedures in anticipation of this event.

Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are slippery and when combined with cold, fast-moving water pose a serious hazard. Ice on ponds will be thin. Parents are encouraged to keep their children and pets away from water courses and off any remaining frozen water bodies.

* Download a river safety booklet for children at the web link below

* Information on river levels can be found in the River Data section of the GRCA website.

* Information on the flood warning system can be found in the Flood Management section of the website.