KW And Area Homeowners Interested In The Income Generating Solar Energy Program Should Apply Now

By: Hayter Solar Group
| Published 03/16/2013


Selling Power To The Grid Has Never Been Easier

Are You Interested In selling Power To The GRID Through Your Urban or Rural Building?

Today starting a 'Solar Farm' can mean something as simple as utlizing your urban home or rural buildings as a means of generating power through the aid of solar panels. It's an easy, timely venture which is effective, profitable and very GREEN-Minded

From an investment standpoint, selling energy to the grid promises the return of a healthy ROI to those Ontarians who have already implemented the program. So why not you?

Go Green—Generate Income Generate Green Energy

The program which turns the roof of your home or farm building into an income generating opportunity is still available to people in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding area. This program will end soon but the following information gives potential applicants a better idea of how to make a better ROI, than putting money in the bank or uncertain investments and hoping for the best.

Here Is The Long and The Short of The Program

We’ve seen them everywhere. On industrial buildings, homes, and on rural properties. Now for a very limited time, homeowners like yourself, can implement this program to your financial benefit.

The Hayter Group are Solar energy specialists working with homeowners who would like to realize the income earning potential of their present home in the KW area. Hayter Solar would also like to inform local residents that the program has been extended to the urban and some rural areas for their houses, garages or farm buildings.

How Does It Work?

Currently, if your home or farm building roof faces south, east or west, you may qualify through this limited time program , to incorporate a solar energy system which will generate power and guarantee you a better revenue return for the next 20 years. It’s really this simple.

We Do all the Setup Work For You

It’s easy to find out if you are eligible to qualify for this program. Simply contact us (The Hayter Group) at the bottom of this news article.

Hayter Solar looks after all the applications/ paperwork/ and set-up processes. We are unique in that (due to program-ending time constraints) we will do ALL of the leg work on behalf of our customers.

Once installed, the contract is between YOU the home owner/ and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). The OPA mandates that local utility commissions must pay the home owner 39.6 cents per kilowatt produced from the panels for a 20 year period.

There is no cost to apply and no money is exchanged unless and until the system is ordered.

Solar panels are now a common scene and common sense part of 21st century life. Why not call us and chat about how the system can work for you, and how much you could expect to earn over the next 20 years?

Today you can install a solar system with NO MONEY DOWN, thanks to this new program… but the clock is ticking, the program will not last forever.

Currently the program offers guaranteed contracts with 11-15% ROI (Return On Investment) for 20 years. There are few investments which boast this kind of return—anywhere!

At present, there are fewer than 600 total contracts remaining for residents of Ontario to take advantage of.

How Can We Get Started?

To get started on your monthly solar income program, all Hayter Solar would need is a little information found on your electrical bill. Hayter Solar would then apply on your behalf for an OPA contract with a 39.6 cents/ kW payout. (This is the same ROI you’ve probably heard of from the original 2009 program.)

Financing can be arranged to make this opportunity a reality OR alternatively, you can purchase it for an even higher return.

What Could Be better?

Why not at least confirm if this is an option for you and your family to consider. Contact Hayter today for your Step 1 Personal Consultation in Solar Energy revenue generation.

If you own a home or a farm in Kitchener-Waterloo or surrounding area, you could qualify to secure one of only 600 remaining contracts in Ontario. It costs nothing to find out. You have everything to gain. You are under NO obligation.

Hayter Solar staff are informed, eager to help, and available to chat 8am-5pm during weekly business days.

Think Green. Think Solar. Think A Better ROI.

Call Hayters Now for all the details: 1-877-429-8377

Visit website: Click on link at the bottom of this page.


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Taxes & Insurance

* Sales Tax (HST)
* We help you register a business and HST number in order to collect back all HST paid for equipment and installation
* Property Tax
* MPAC – Does not increase assessed value of property.
* No increase to property tax
* Income Tax
* Panels considered a depreciable asset – Can depreciate value of system against income generated
* No income tax until system paid off
* Insurance
* Typically around $250/year premium for 10kW system

The Hayter Group: Our Clients Love Our Customer Support

* We monitor your system for life to address any issues immediately
* Our staff does all of the government paperwork for you and guides you through the entire process
* We have an exclusive 25 year Hayter Trust Warranty so you are protected no matter what
* We are a licensed electrical contractor who can legally install and maintain all of your equipment
* We offer 24 hour service with a stocked warehouse so you don’t have to wait for repairs

Hayters Solar Group,