Thorsten Hines Plays Santa Claus In New BlackBerry Christmas Ad Parody

By: Thomas Hagey - Now Media - Humour/Humor
| Published 09/25/2013


Merry Christmas From Thorsten Hines And The Whole Blackberry Gang

New Approach To Solving The BB 10 Inventory Problemo(s)

Thorsten Hines (dressed to the Xmas Nines) is prepared to go to the wall for Blackberry employees and shareholders. In his most recent strategy scheme to move those platform 10 smartphones out of the warehouse and into the hands of consumers before Christmas sales kick-in in favour of fierce rivals iPhone, Samsung and the other Android brands which have reduced BB's share of the smartphone market from 52% to .9% in just three years.

BB For Under The Tree

Hines will flog Blackberry in a warm, yet aggressive, Christmas Campaign which could clear the warehouse and put BB in better standing as they look down the barrel of a $4.7 billion takeover.

Below is his first-in-a-series of ads which will hit internet media sites today. Video ads are rumoured to follow.

Thorsten Hines Christmas Message ad for Blackberry

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