Big Music Fest Will Create Opportunities For New Bands To Break Into Business

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| Published 04/25/2014


Carl Zehr: "Event Could become A Major Community Festival Bringing In Millions To Area"

John Milloy: Music Festival Will Receive Provincial Funding Boost

Big Music Fest President and owner Mark Higgins brought his message to town on Thursday regarding breaking developments of the largest three day rock festival in Kw history.

While the Big Fest will host some of rock's legends this July they are also launching a talent search for the next rock idols through a competition called Breaking Bands.

"Breaking Bands is an Ontario wide band search dedicated to finding and breaking the hottest emerging talent in Ontario," said Patti Jannetta, development and sponsorship manager for BMF. The winner will receive a lot more than prizes.

Mark Higgins, President and Owner of Big Music Fest, knew that the opportunity to perform with the biggest recording acts in the world, could be the vehicle to break a bands career.

Mark, a known rock concert visionary and innovator desired something different for the winning band so along with mentorship, touring opportunities and other unique prizing they will be filmed for a year leading up to their main stage performance at Big Music Fest 2015.

The filming will cover rehearsals, studio time and live performances with a whole lot of “life in a band” thrown in! The finished documentary will be used as a promotional tool for the band to shop to industry professionals. Breaking Bands will take place on the opening night of Big Music Fest in front of a live audience.

Competition Prizing is as follows:

A documentary of the winning band will be filmed in the format of a reality TV show during the year leading up to their main stage performance at Big Music Fest 2015

  • 40 hours of studio time at a world-class recording studio in the GTA
  • 8 Week Commercial Radio Campaign with Sharp 9 Music*
  • Booking Agency Consultation with The Feldman Agency
  • Management Consultation with SRO Management
  • Industry Consultation with Hype Music Consultants
  • Media Consultation with Music Personality Alan Cross
  • Album Design Services by Small Dog Design
  • Band App from
  • Distribution Deal from Believe Digital
  • Professional Photo Session with Rob Dutchin (courtesy of Collider Films)
  • Professionally written bio by Jim Barber Writing Services
  • Clothing from ARC CLOATHING CO.
  • Printing Services from CIVILIAN PRINTING CO.
  • $2,000 cash from Marley Brand Beverages
  • Selection of Marley Brand Beverages

The top 25 bands will perform on the Friday of this year's event before a judging panel and a live audience, with the winner being announced that night. Admission on Friday is free.

During Thursday's press conference Kitchener-Centre MPP John Milloy also announced a provincial contribution of $272,250 to the event.

Mayor Carl Zehr commented that the minor opposition around the event is now "behind us" and we can look forward to a great weekend in July.

Big Music Fest's Patti Jannetta announced that Tickets are selling well. Single-day weekend tickets are priced at $69.50. Two day passes sell for $99.50, while VIP Day passes are commanding $129.50. Fewer than 1,000 two-day passes are available at $99.50 price point. BMF Organizers are hoping to attract upwards of 24,000 fans per day.

Big Music Fest kicks off Friday, July 11 at McLennan Park with the Breaking Bands competition. Saturday July 12 features: Styx, Collective Soul, Moist and Bryan Adams. Sunday SHowcases:Slash, Big Wreck, Kim Mitchell and Aerosmith.

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Below: MPP John Milloy, Mayor Carl Zehr, Mark Higgins, Patti Jannetta, and Kitchener Councillors Paul Singh and Bil Ioannidis (Photo by Timm Vera)

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