Children's Safety Village Promotes These Safe Halloween Practises And Fun For All

By: Kw Now Local Safety News
| Published 10/31/2014


Trick Or treat TIPS: B Sure 2 B Careful And Have A Great Time On Halloween

Observe These Great Tips For Kids, Home Owners, Motorists

Waterloo Region, ON – For the past two years, the Children's Safety Village on Maple Grove Road has switched their safety message event from Christmas to Halloween. While the Christmas In The Village event was a beautiful site to behold, Halloween safety has been a new and effective theme focused on promoting education to help keep kids safe.

(Photos by Thomas Hagey)

Sparky & Larky Help Promote Safety Awareness At Safety Village Halloween Event

Below Waterloo Region Chief of Police Bryan Larkin has fun with Sparky the Fire Safety Dog

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Be Ready For Halloween...Don't take chances

As families prepare for the arrival of Halloween, Waterloo Regional Police urge everyone to keep safety in mind, and provide the following tips for parents, children and motorists:

• Know the route your child is taking and map it out with them in advance
• Ensure your child is accompanied by an adult or trusted group
• Set a time for your child to return home
• Explain the difference between tricks and vandalism
• Ensure your child’s costume is safe and that they are able to see and hear clearly
• Carefully check your child’s candy and discard items not in the original packaging or that appear to have been tampered with

• Do not talk to strangers and never enter anyone’s home or vehicle
• Look all ways before crossing the street and assist younger children to cross safely
• Wear reflective or bright-colored material
• Avoid eating candy until it has been checked by a parent
• If wearing a mask, remove it from your face while walking
• For older children, update your parents if your plans change
• Younger children should stay within a safe distance of your parent, home, or group

• Be alert and watch for distracted children crossing at non designated locations and in areas of parked vehicles
• Follow the rules of the road – stop fully at signals and crosswalks and adhere to posted speed limits
• Check mirrors and surrounding area before reversing from driveways
• Drive only when sober

Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

Are you expecting trick-or-treaters to stop by your home this Halloween? You can use the list below to make sure you do your part in making halloween a safe and enjoyable evening for all:

  • Make sure your home and property are well-lit.
  • Be sure to remove anything from your yard or driveway that children could trip over.
  • Make sure the pathway to your door is clear of any potential hazards. Sweep wet leaves from your steps and sidewalk.
  • Battery-powered candles are preferred to open flames. If you use real candles in your jack-o-lanterns, make sure they are a safe distance away from trick-or-treaters.
  • Consider handing out non-food treats such as stickers, pencils or child-safe toys. Treats such as peanuts or hard candy can pose a choking hazard for small children as well as an allergic reaction among some trick-or-treaters.
  • Secure paper or yard decorations to keep them away from candle flames.
  • Keep your pets inside your home and away from the door. Halloween costumes can easily frighten animals.
  • Meet trick-or-treaters at the door and have treats ready. You shouldn't invite children into your home unless they're accompanied by an adult OR someone you know.
  • If you have to drive anywhere on Halloween, reduce your speed and use extra caution, especially in residential areas. Be alert and watch for trick-or-treaters who may not be watching for you!

Police provide safety tips for Halloween / reminder about return of standard time

Change to Standard Time:

Standard time returns Sunday November 2, 2014, bringing longer periods of darkness. Police urge all road users to use extra caution; maintain heightened levels of awareness; ensure you are seen by others, and communicate effectively.

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