Regional Police Fall Enforcement Initiative Focuses On Methamphetamine

By: Kw Now! Local Police News
| Published 11/24/2014


Police conduct fall enforcement initiative focusing on methamphetamine

Police Determine Sale And Consumption Of Methamphetamine Is On Increase

Waterloo Region, Ontario During October and November 2014, members of the Strategic and Tactical Services Drug Branch in partnership with the General Investigations Division Crime Management Team, Strategic and Tactical Services Intelligence Branch, and officers from Neighbourhood Policing Central Patrol, conducted an investigation into illegal drug trade activity with a focus on methamphetamine.

The investigation was launched after police received information and determined that the sale and consumption of methamphetamine was on the increase in the community.

Police executed three search warrants during November and arrested 15 local residents; 9 males and 6 females. Investigators have laid 65 charges including Trafficking and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (Methamphetamine).

Additionally, police have seized 4 ounces of Methamphetamine, 6.6 grams of cocaine, Hydromorphone pills, Oxycodone pills, Cannabis Marihuana with a total value of $10,522.

· November 6, 2014: warrant executed at Kitchener residence. Six people arrested – 19 drug charges, two stolen property, two breach court order and one weapons charge.

· November 19, 2014: warrant executed at a Kitchener motel. Five people arrested. One female arrested earlier in the day- 13 drug charges and seven breach court orders

· November 20, 2014: second warrant executed at same motel.
Two males arrested same day. Charges related to Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking.

· November 23, 2014: one male arrested and charged with two drug offences and one breach court order.

For additional information about methamphetamine or other drugs, please visit our website at link below.

Police are asking the public to remain vigilant about illegal drug activity and to report suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods. Anyone with information is asked to call the Drug Branch at 519 653 7700 ext. 8446 or Crime Stoppers 1 800 222 8477.