Baby Osprey At Belwood Lake Receive Tracking Bands This Week - See LIVE CAM

By: Kw Now - Local News
| Published 06/28/2015


Osprey Parents, Bella And Woody, Keep Family Of Two Growing At Belwood

Osprey Watchers Rack Up 2 Million Viewing Minutes Since April

This week, Master bird bander David Lamble banded the two young osprey living at Belwood Lake Park.

In March a team of GRCA staff and supporters installed a webcam on an osprey nest at Belwood Lake. This nest has been occupied for several years. The osprey arrived back at the Belwood nest on April 8, 2015 and by the end of April when the camera went live they had two eggs in the nest.

Viewers have been watching the osprey on a webcam set up on the nest near the gatehouse. The two adult birds, Bella and Woody, watched over three eggs during May and they are now caring for two young osprey. Banding must take place before the young osprey are old enough to fly, and these birds will likely begin to fly at the end of July or in early August.

Lamble bands many species of birds and has been banding osprey at Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area for many years. Each year he also bands the young from the Belwood nest.

Banding is a scientific way of learning more about birds. Banding protocols follow international standards and all information is stored and accessed through a central system. The osprey chicks were briefly taken from the nest to have a metal band placed around a leg. The band carries a unique code.

Banding allows observers to collect information about habitat use, life processes and migration. The band allows viewers to easier identify these individual bird without having to handle it numerous times. Citizen scientists play an important role, as they can read the leg band and report sightings.

The osprey cam has been so riveting that viewers have spent more than two million minutes watching the young family since the camera went live on April 27. Close to 200 people have been tuned in at the same time.

Belwood Lake Park is located east of Fergus at 8282 Wellington County Rd. 18.

Supported by donations from:

Grand River Tree Service donated their truck and staff time to install the camera.