Motorcycle Deaths Have Increased - Observe These 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips

By: Kw Now - Local Safety News
| Published 08/17/2015



Motorcycle Safety Is Everyone's Concern

(ORILLIA, ONTARIO) – So far this year 25 motorcycle fatalities have been recorded on OPP-patrolled roads and police are appealing to riders to use their defensive driving skills to keep themselves safe.

One of the important things that riders learn when they take a motorcycle training course is to ‘drive as if you are invisible’, which addresses the fact that car drivers who are looking for bigger vehicles sometimes don’t notice motorcyclists in their path, especially at intersections. “I never saw him” is something heard all too often at the scene of a motorcycle crash.

Defensive riding is the most important key to safe motorcycle driving; ride to expect the unexpected. Riders are reminded to be aware of other motorists at all times and be ready with a counter maneuver to avoid their mistakes.

Over Half The Fatalities Are Older Riders

This year twenty-two operators and three passengers have died in motorcycle crashes. Fifteen of those deaths involved persons between the ages of 45 – 65 years of age. Four people died while on a motorcycle in West Region alone within the first week of August. The OPP is reminding all drivers to always have a watchful eye for motorcycles; the safety of motorcyclists is the responsibility of everyone.

Motorcycle riders should be aware of where a motorist’s blind spots lie and spend as little time in them as possible. If you can see driver’s eyes in their mirrors, then they have the ability to see you too.

View the 7 tips below on how to make the roads safer for motocycles and other motorists:

Stay Safe Stay Alive - 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips

1. Get And Wear the Right Gear

Avoid shorts, flip flops or sandals. For longer journeys, leather outer wear is recommended. If you come off the bike your skin is virtually unprotected. Helmets are the law.

2. Ride Within Your Skills

Despite the fact that it's human nature...don’t try things because someone else is doing it. Don’t take chances. Excessive speed increases greater risks of injury and lowers chances of survival.

3. Avoid Distraction

Stay hyper-aware of everything that’s going on around you. Keep both hands on the handle bars. Never text.

4. Leave Enough Space

Always be aware of the fact that you may have to stop quickly. You are less protected, it's up to you.

5. Watch the Weather

Bikes have half the traction of a car. Without windshield wipers, your visibility is compromised. Plan your day based on weather outlook.

6. Educate Your Passengers

Passengers have an important part to play in keeping both of you safe. They must lean with you not against you, and hold on tight. If you need to chat, pull over.

7. Look Twice or More

This tip is for other drivers and bikers. Look twice, assess the speed or anticipated actions of other drivers. Automobile drivers should always be aware of motorcyclists. Don't play games with the lives of others.