CMH Foundation Kicks Off 28th Trees Of Caring - Their Biggest Fundraiser Of The Season

By: Kw Now - Local News
| Published 11/22/2016


Trees Of Caring And Angels Of Caring Are Available Right Now

Give The Gifts Of Lights And Angels This Year

Cambridge, ONTARIO – It's great to be inspired by passion and a worthy cause. Such was the case last night out in front of Cambridge Memorial Hospital as the angelic voices of the Cambridge Girls Choir rose above the din of rush hour traffic which zoomed down along Coronation Blvd. It was a glorious reminder that the holiday season is here...and with it comes several wonderful opportunities to give and receive in a magical display of support.

It's beenTwenty-eight years since the first “Trees of Caring” bulbs were lit up to recognize gifts and financial support from our community to the Hospital Foundation. Today the tradition has grown and it seems to become stronger each and every year.

As one of few traditions to stand the test of time, Trees of Caring continues to be an integral source of revenue for Cambridge Memorial Hospital…and it’s all because of you.

The opportunity to just give, or to honour the memory of a loved one with a light on the trees is also a unique holiday custom in Cambridge and North Dumfries. Many people, who feel they have so much already, are instructing family members not to buy them gifts, just support Trees of Caring, Angels of Caring, or the Hospital Lottery this year. It's a great gesture because you get to see your gift in action. CMH touches every family in Cambridge and surrounding area in many, many ways.

CEO Patrick Gaskin tells us that we’re about to get the equivalent of a brand new hospital. And it’s true. It's very exciting but it also means we have a lot of work to do as a community. It often comes as a big surprise to area residents,that our hospital medical equipment is paid for exclusively through donations and fundraisers like Trees of Caring. So it’s up to us, not the government.

Every Light Counts

Every light on those three evergreen trees outside Cambridge Memorial represents the generosity of the people in this area, who care about our community hospital. This year’s appeal is dedicated to funding equipment for the hospital’s massive expansion and transformation. Our goal of $265,000 would provide enough to fully equip and furnish one of our new ICU patient rooms.

This year’s Trees Appeal campaign features Victoria Clark, a member of the CMH Foundation Board, and long-time community volunteer and business leader, who has called Cambridge her home for many years. You’ll be hearing from her shortly about the needs of our hospital.

Ms. Clark has sent out a letter which may have already arrived at local homes like yours. She writes about the importance of the Trees of Caring, not only as a beacon of hope for patients and their families, but also a symbol of support from the community to the doctors and medical staff who spend the holidays caring for this wonderful community.

Help Us Light Up The Night

Every light is a gift toward the purchase of urgently needed hospital equipment, from beds and wheelchairs to life-saving technology, such as heart monitors and diagnostic imaging machines.

Thank you Cambridge and area for giving that gifts which keep on giving back and matter so much.

Donations can be made anytime at our secure website You can also pay us a visit at the CMH Foundation Office (700 Coronation Blvd) or call 519.740.4966.

Angels Of Caring Available through local banks at $10 for regular size $20 for Large..great for decorating the tree or the home: RBC, TD, CIBC,Scotia, Meridian Credit Union, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union And the W.G. Johnson Centre.

Hospital Lottery Tickets are $25 each (Great odds - only 4000 tickets sold), good for all draws throughout the season, regular early bird draws see link below for prize info. Purchase them at Book Express at the Cambridge Centre, and at the CMH Foundation. (700 Coronation Blvd) or call 519.740.4966

Cambridge Girls' Choir

Below: Surekha Shenoy, CMH Foundation Board Chair, Sue Lockett, Director of Development, CMH Foundation, Cambridge City Councillor Mike Mann, Patrick Gaskin, President and CEO, Cambridge Memorial Hospital

Victoria Clark, Board Member & Trees of Caring 2016 Signatory, CMH Foundation

Read Victoria Clark's "Tree's Of Caring" Holiday Message Below

Have you ever had to spend Christmas in the hospital?

If you, or someone you know, has been hospitalized over the holidays, then you know it’s not much fun. Even though staff try to make the place as festive as possible, it’s still a hospital. Nothing is the same as being at home with your loved ones for Christmas.

This holiday season, there will be people in our community who are too sick to be discharged from Cambridge Memorial Hospital. There won’t be much we can do about that, but there is one wonderful thing that you and I can do to cheer them up. One simple act of kindness that will benefit our community hospital for years to come.

You can help light up the Trees of Caring with a donation to Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation today!

I remember when my father-in-law was too frail to leave the hospital one Christmas. He loved to watch the three trees outside Cambridge Memorial gradually light up as more and more people in the community made a donation. He knew that every light represented someone who cared enough to give.

This will be the 28th year that our community has come together to set the Trees of Caring ablaze with lights. And this year, your donation will join with hundreds of others to buy the equipment so urgently needed for the new wing of our hospital!

Will you join me and other members of our community in making a donation to the Trees of Caring campaign? With a $10 donation, you can light up an individual bulb on one of the trees, or you can light an entire string for $250.

You can dedicate your lights to someone dear to your heart, as a way to pay tribute to them during the holidays. If you like, the Foundation will send a card to let them know you’ve remembered them in such a special way this year.

You’ll have the extra satisfaction of knowing that your donation will help to buy high priority equipment for our newly transformed hospital. You may not be aware that the government will not be covering any equipment costs for the new wing. The doctors and nurses at Cambridge Memorial will be relying on you and me, and the rest of our community, to provide them with the latest equipment and technology they need to take good care of our families.

These dedicated medical professionals are there for us 24 hours a day, year round. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that in return, we make sure they have the tools they need to provide our families with excellent care, do you?

As someone who has lived in Cambridge almost my entire life, I’ve seen first-hand the great patient care available at our community hospital.

All of my three sons were born at Cambridge Memorial, and when my son, Andrew, ran his bicycle into the back of a pickup truck at the age of 6, severing a main artery, I felt incredibly blessed to have this amazing hospital so close to home.

I felt their sense of commitment and caring when my Mom had a stroke two years ago. Her condition was so critical, she had to be transferred to Hamilton. Sadly, they couldn’t do anything for her and she was gone within 36 hours. And then 86 days later, my Dad passed from an infection that just ravaged his body. Neither the antibiotics nor the doctors could save him.

When the doctor put his arm around me to console me in my grief, I knew how much he cared. I could feel the compassion of the nurses as they helped me through my second huge loss in less than three months. They made me feel like family.

That personal connection will never change, even as Cambridge Memorial grows and modernizes. I’m as excited as the next person about the amazing changes that are taking place at our hospital, but I’m a small town girl at heart.

I’ve been working in this community for 35 years. I served on City Council for Ward 5 for almost eight years back in the 90s. I’ve been volunteering in the community ever since I was in high school, and am past-president of the Preston-Hespeler Rotary Club. My roots are in Cambridge, my family is in Cambridge, my heart belongs to Cambridge.

So I’m extremely proud that Cambridge Memorial will always be a community hospital that is staffed by people who live here, raise their families here, and are treated at Cambridge Memorial when they get sick themselves.

We all deserve a top-notch hospital, with the latest equipment and facilities. That’s why I recently joined the Board of the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation. And that’s why I’m asking you to join me in supporting the Trees of Caring campaign to buy these urgently needed items:

  • Infant Warmers that maintain the body temperature of newborns
    • 5 warmers are needed, each costs $22,30
  • Patient Beds
  • 42 beds are needed for the new wing, at a cost of $7,888 each
  • including 4 for Pediatrics, are needed for patient transfer and the new Operating Rooms, basic stretchers are $4,631 each and the Pediatric ones are $6,000 each
  • 6 specially designed patient beds are needed for the bigger ICU in the new building, at a cost $7,888 each
  • 8 new IV pumps are needed to deliver fluids and medication to patients, each costs $4,900
  • 3 new lifts will enable staff to move immobile patients in safety and dignity, the price tag is $10,000 each
  • 2 life-saving ventilation machines to help patients with respiratory failure or chronic breathing problems, for a cost of $30,000 each
  • 42 stretchers
  • ICU Beds
  • IV Infusion Pumps
  • Patient Lifts
  • Ventilators

All of this new equipment is needed to fill the new wing that’s been rising above the construction hoarding at Cambridge Memorial. Many people in our community didn’t believe this day would come, but it’s happening! Our families will finally have the hospital facilities that they deserve.

Our expanded and renovated hospital will have a larger diagnostic imaging department that will provide answers to doctors sooner and with more precision. The big new operating suites will be able to handle more sophisticated types of surgery, like laparoscopic operations that result in less pain, fewer complications and faster recovery.

Young families will benefit from the brand new birthing units – I wished they’d been around when I was delivering my boys! The mental health unit is expanding to meet the increased need in our community for psychological supports. And the new ER will be three times the size of our current one!

These improvements to our hospital will be critical for our fast-growing city. This small-town girl already feels like Cambridge is big enough! But more and more people are discovering the wonderful quality of life to be found here. Our hospital must keep pace with the increased demands on its staff and facilities.

One thing that you and I can do is help ensure that the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff have the equipment and technology they need to provide high quality health care for our families.

They can’t do it without our help. There are 130,000 people living in Cambridge and all of us depend on our hospital for our wellbeing. If just 1 in 5 of us made a $10 donation to the Trees of Caring Campaign, we could easily cover these equipment needs with room to spare!

Will you please be that 1 in 5? Will you join the family of supporters who, every year for the past 28 years, have lit up the Trees of Caring outside our hospital?

You’ll not only be lifting the spirits of patients who have to spend the holidays in hospital, and their families. You’ll also be bringing cheer to the dedicated medical staff who will be leaving their own families at home to take care of the sickest members of our community.

I think this visible show of support for hospital staff is so important, because their job is not easy. Every day of the year, they deal with the physical, mental and emotional trauma of their patients. They see people at their most vulnerable, most afraid, and sometimes, most demanding. They respond with caring and compassion, using their expertise to heal and send us back to our families.

If you already support Cambridge Memorial financially, then please accept my heartfelt gratitude for being a great role model to others in our community. If you could pass my letter along to a neighbour or friend and let them know you’re a supporter, you would be providing a wonderful boost to our Trees of Caring campaign!

If you have not yet sent a donation to our community hospital, then I invite you to join our family of supporters today! Whether you light up one bulb or an entire string, your Trees of Caring gift will have a huge impact on our newly transformed hospital.

Please help us buy urgently needed hospital equipment with your donation today.


Victoria Clark

Foundation Board Member

P.S. You can join in the amazing display of community spirit with your gift to Cambridge Memorial’s 28th Annual Trees of Caring campaign! Your donation will buy urgently needed hospital equipment that will benefit all of our families. Please send your gift to the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation today.