8 Back To School Tips For Increased School Bus Safety

By: Kw Now - Local News - Tips by David Silvey
| Published 09/05/2017


Drive Like Your Children Live Here ...8 Back To School Tips For Increased School Bus Safety

Community Safety IS Up To Us!

Back to school means books, crosswalks, roundabouts, and bus rides. With the majority of school aged children riding the bus, it’s important that everyone involved helps make bus safety a priority.

When sharing the road with school buses, follow these 8 tips.

· Yellow and Red Flashing Lights – School buses have yellow lights to warn drivers they will be making a stop and red flashing lights and an extendable stop sign to tell drivers to stop. Yellow does not mean go faster, it means slow down. Be aware of your surroundings and always come to a complete stop. Do not continue driving until the lights have turned off and the sign is pulled in.

· Passing a School Bus – It is illegal to pass a school bus on the right side of the road because you cannot be aware of where the bus needs to stop to load or unload. Always wait for the bus to move to the right lane or stay a safe distance behind it. Additionally, it is illegal to pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children. It is vital that you stop your vehicle at least 10 feet away from the school bus to allow for riders to enter and exit safely.

· Railroad Crossings – It is required that school buses stop at all railway crossings. Be alert when a crossing is ahead and a school bus nearby so that you can stop as well.

· Stop In Both Directions – You must always stop for flashing red lights on both sides of the highway. Use extreme caution if you are in this situation as passengers may be trying to cross the road in front of you.

· Buses Need Turning Space – Just like trucks, buses have a wide turning radius. Remember to provide them with ample turning space so they can maneuver easily on the road.

· Watch for Children Waiting for the Bus – As the driver, you are responsible for keeping an eye on the road and on children waiting for the bus. Come to a complete stop at all stop lights and stop signs, drive slowly near bus stops and watch for children crossing the road.

· Slow Down – Use caution if you are driving in residential areas and school zones. Fines for speeding in an area can be hefty.

· Allow for Extra Time During Your Commute – School bus drivers have to follow the same speed limit rules as every other driver; however, they make frequent stops which can delay traffic. Know the bus routes in your community and allow ample travel time when school is in session.

Keeping children safe so they get to and from school is important throughout the year, but especially after the summer holidays.

Community Safety IS Up To Us! Drive Like Your Children Live Here

Tips by David Silvey