Legacy Garden At Innisfree Hospice Helps People Cope With The Challenges of Terminal Illness

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 09/17/2019


Nature's Beauty Reinforces A Sense Of Well Being With Innisfree & Lisaard House Residents

Nature's Beauty Reinforces A Sense Of Well Being With Lisaard & Innisfree Residents

Kitchener, ONTARIO - Lisaard and Innisfree Hospices recognize the value of gardens to help people cope with the challenges of terminal illness and loss.

Lisaard and Innisfree hospice facilities believe that people have a right to die with dignity, free from pain, surrounded by their loved ones in a setting of their choice. Lisaard House provides quality palliative care in a home-like setting for adults dying of cancer, while Innisfree House provides the same palliative care but is open to residents facing any end-of-life diagnosis.

Innisfree Legacy Gardens

Today, Innisfree Hospice officially opened their Legacy Garden, at 2375 Homer Watson Blvd., Kitchener. The garden will offer a tranquil, safe and reflective space for anyone staying or visiting Innisfree House. The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by Regional Chair Karen Redman, staff, volunteers, donors and board members of both hospice facilities. Ms. Redman talked about the importance of hospice care citing a personal experience with the loss of a close family member. "It's an experience I'll always remember," said Redman.

Nature Heals

Research has proven that interaction with nature, even interaction as simple as gazing at a garden through a window, can improve a person’s sense of wellbeing and quality of life.

The creation of the Legacy Garden was made possible through generous donations and efforts from members of the Waterloo Region community.

"Our garden is a special place for families to connect with nature and refresh their spirit without having to leave the property. For residents who cannot leave their bed, having an opportunity to engage with nature, even through a window, will be nurturing and renewing," said Andrea Binkle, Executive Director of Innisfree and Lisaard Hospices.

Hospice Facilities Offer:

* A legacy garden surrounding Innisfree House will offer a setting for respite, reflection and reminiscing,

* Secluded spots for quiet conversations and easy access to nature

* Residents will have garden views and the scent of flowers filling their rooms

* It will be a place to celebrate and reflect on the life of their loved one.

Surrounded By Family And Natural Beauty

"We recently had a resident who purchased bright potted flowers and had them placed outside his room. He asked his family to bring his birdbath from home. As he spent more time in bed, he was able to view the beauty of the flowers, hear and watch the birds fluttering in the water and smell the fragrant blossoms.The effort put forth by this resident and the family highlighted the importance of being surrounded by nature and beauty," said Andrea Binkle.

"Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice is Waterloo Region’s only residential hospices. In 2018, we cared for over 390 residents and their families at Lisaard and Innisfree," said Kim Henry, Director of Development. "This equates to thousands of people in our community impacted by the hospice experience. Hospice care focuses on quality of life and dignity. We can’t change the course of a disease, but we can provide comfort and guidance along this difficult path. We provide exceptional palliative care to residents while supporting their family through the end-of-life journey at no cost," said Henry.

We strive for “Making Moments Matter” for our residents by providing more than just the typical care - our Legacy Garden is one such way we are “Making Moments Matter”.

Photo left to right: Regional Chair Karen Redman, Andrea Binkle, Executive Director, Sheila Ainsworth, Board Chair

Surrounding hillside ... is like a walk in the country

Stone work amidst colourful plants and grasses

Bench commemorating Lisaard House founder Sheila O’Donovan

Innisfree and Lisaard Are Surrounded by Natural Beauty