Jim Estill's Guelph-based 'ShipperBee' Is Much More Than A Shipping Company

By: Thomas Hagey - KwNow Local News
| Published 09/22/2019


ShipperBee Delivers The Goods... And Benefits Our Environment

The BUZZ That’s Shaking Up The Delivery Business And Helping To Save The Planet

Doing The Right Thing, Time And Time Again

Jim Estill is no stranger to the tech and business communities. From the distribution of computer equipment to the start-up of a little brand called Blackeberry, to the reinvention of Danby Appliances. Then to his community-building, philanthropic support and the welcoming of international refugees. Jim Estill has had a guiding hand on all things great and small.

The Order Of Canada recipient doesn't take his work and achievements lightly. He is guided by a philosophy which finds its way into everything he does: "Do The Right Thing!" It just makes sense...if it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing right, well and for the right reasons. So when he turned his focus to creating his new courier company ShipperBee, he began by considering how he could do things better on every level.

Uber For Package Delivery?

While ShipperBee isn't managed anything like Uber, it utilizes vehicles and people in a similar way. This is where its mass appeal comes into play.

“My vision for ShipperBee was straightforward,” says Estill, “If you diminish the impact the shipping industry has on the environment with a solution that reduces the number of trucks on the road emitting harmful emissions, the world will be a better place to live. Our studies have validated that we reduce carbon emissions by an astounding 73.1% for every parcel delivered. This small shift in the way we ship will make a significant impact on the environment and our future,” said Estill.

“ShipperBee is built on the simple premise that if every driver on the road tapped into their unused vehicle space to carry some parcels, businesses would have access to a more cost-effective shipping alternative and road congestion would be reduced, in turn saving the environment from excess carbon emissions,” says Estill.

Living The Instantaneous Dream

With the paradigm shift in retail sales and the arrival of online giants such as Amazon, society has become accustomed to an Order & Receive instantaneous lifestyle. In an odd sense it feels like empowerment and satisfaction by how quickly merchandise can arrive at our door … and we’re prepared to pay a premium to witness it all happen. The costs involved of this membership business model are astounding but consumers have become passionate participants in a process which has been shown to be detrimental to our environment. There really needs to be a better way of delivering the goods.

Here’s The BUZZ – The How & Why

Build and shape a better future

ShipperBee utilizes trips that are already taking place (and all the empty trunk space) to get parcels where they need to go without adding more carbon emissions. We call this The Power of While.

Do What's RIGHT -- Always!

A healthy planet benefits us all. We empower our employees, drivers, shippers and Hive hosts to do their part to make the world a better place.

Be People Driven

We put our business in the hands of capable, conscientious people. We treat our employees right, so they'll succeed and grow along with us. We take care of our customers and treat their shipments like our own. In short, we recognize the real people behind each delivery and strive to put them first.

Always Go The Extra Mile

Our team is constantly looking for ways to refine our system to be more convenient, more rewarding, and more user-friendly.

Beautifully Simple - This Is How It Works:

1. Order placed - Customer places a pick-up request for parcel delivery.

2. Locate pick-up driver - A certified, background checked and rated driver is located and picks up the parcels.

3. Deliver to Hive - The pick-up driver takes the parcels to the Hive, a secure, Wi-Fi connected transfer point.

4. Transfer across network - Once on route to its final destination, the parcel passes from driver to driver and Hive to Hive, like a baton in a relay until they reach the closest point to final destination.

5. Deliver parcel - The last driver delivers the parcel safe and sound to the customer’s doorstep and sends photo confirmation.

More Cost Effective Too

Paul McLean, chief operating officer, at ShipperBee added, “I was thrilled to see so many visitors at the event from local political figures, investors, customers, media and more to share in the company’s vision. We’re changing the way that parcels are shipped to not only reduce environmental impact, but also affording businesses the ability to remain competitive with a shipping solution that is far less expensive than the larger shipping companies. ShipperBee is better for businesses, people and the planet.”

ShipperBee Is The Bee's Knees

Make no mistake, there's a reason why BEES have played a roll in the name of this company. They're unstoppably industrious, loyal to the hive, guided by intuition and instinct (natures GPS system) and the outcome is SWEET all the way around. They turned to NATURE and by "Doing The Right Thing" NATURE is the one that comes out ahead ... and by association -- "SO Do WE!"

Witnessing History Being Made...

This week, at the ribbon cutting launch ceremony, ShipperBee founder Jim Estill said "10 years from now you will realize you have witnessed history here today." He went on to say that he's been involved in a lot of success stories over the years and it doesn't happen by accident.

There are visionaries…and then there are the rest of us. I have to admit that every time I’m on the 401, and I get behind a tractor trailer hauling a pup behind it (transportation speak for a second trailer), I think there has got to be a more efficient way to get from Order to Destination. Today I’m certain. After the launch party I came away feeling like I’d witnessed history… so I’m putting my smart money with ShipperBee. In fact, I may even sign up to be a driver just to become part of the 73.1% savings. (And yes, there are still investment opportunities.)

On The Road Now!

Got a package that needs delivering? Call us. ShipperBee is available to businesses today in the Guelph, Cambridge and Kitchener- Waterloo region. Expansion across the Golden Horseshoe is planned this fall and throughout North America in 2020.

Would You Like To Be Part Of the BUZZ?

ShipperBee is currently looking for team players who would like to help make a difference. If you're on the road going places around town or city-to-city, why not consider becoming a ShipperBee driver. Check out the links below to learn more.

ShipperBee Takes The Cake...And Here's Proof. Left to right: Lynda Murray, Chief Marketing Officer, Paul McLean, COO, Jim Estill, CEO, Muhammed Sayyed CTO (temporarily unavailable at photo time)

CEO Jim Estill explains System logistics to Dragon's Den investor Brett Wilson