City To Recognize Good Neighbours Of All Kinds With New Recognition Program

By: Kw Now Local News
| Published 12/06/2019


Good Neighbours Recognized

Councillor Dave Schnider: “Kitchener really is a city of good neighbours”

Kitchener, ONTARIO – From raking leaves, to shovelling snow, to hosting street parties, Kitchener neighbourhoods are home to good neighbours of all kinds. To recognize individuals, whose efforts make Kitchener a better place to live, work and play, the City of Kitchener is launching a Good Neighbour Recognition Program – allowing residents who have been touched by the kindness of a good neighbour the opportunity to say thank you.

“In neighbourhoods across Kitchener, good deeds by good neighbours happen every day,” said Mayor Vrbanovic. “These small acts of kindness make a big difference in our community and they play an important role in creating the kind of caring and inclusive city we can all be proud to call home.”

The Good Neighbour Recognition Program was inspired by the success of city’s previous Snow Angel Recognition Program with a similar nomination and recognition process. In the past three years, the Snow Angels program has received over 350 nominations, many of them recognizing community members for acts of kindness beyond snow shovelling.

Beginning January 1, 2020, residents will have the opportunity to nominate a good neighbour online or by phone for all acts of kindness, community volunteerism, and neighbourhood pride. Nominations will be accepted year-round and every individual, group, business, and organization that is nominated will receive a thank you card from their neighbor, with signatures from the mayor and members of council in recognition of their efforts. Nominees will also be entered into a bi-monthly draw to win great prizes.

“Kitchener really is a city of good neighbours,” said Councillor Dave Schnider. “They make our neighbourhoods stronger, friendlier and more connected. By recognizing a good neighbour, we as a city show that we value and appreciate their contributions.”

Good neighbours #lovemyhood and they show it!

They might:

  • check on a neighbour in need,
  • invite all their neighbours to a gathering,
  • keep their boulevard or property looking nice,
  • take care of a Little Library,
  • shovel snow for a neighbour,
  • organize a community garden,
  • pick up garbage or organize a neighbourhood clean-up,
  • help out with a neighbourhood project, and/or
  • act neighbourly in other ways.

To learn more about the Good Neighbour Recognition Program, visit the link below: