McDonald's Chooses Ontario As Test Market For NEW Plant-Based P.L.T. Burger

By: Thomas Hagey - KwNow Local News
| Published 01/15/2020


Some McDonald's Customers Think The New P.L.T.'s Taste Is "Beyond Belief"

The World's Biggest Took Its Time To Get Things RIGHT

Plant based food products continue to shake up the food industry. Some restaurant chains have had a so called veggie burger for years, while McDonald's has taken its time to launch a plant based burger. For those of us who remember New Coke and the mess it created, it's easy to understand that making a hasty decision involving a global brand can be risky business.

Until Beyond Meat gained popularity, anyone wishing for a meat alternative in the world's most famous chains had to settle for salads, vegetable subs, eggs without the meat etc. when dining out. Although, at home they've had a variety of (often) highly processed, formed or sliced, textured, mock-product-meal-options made to resemble the real thing. Well, sort of. Who can forget the Thanksgiving dinner of tofu made to resemble a turkey?


McDonald's realized the potential of catering to a new market of consumers called flexitarians. Not necessarily vegetarians but people who for one reason or another want to mix up their nutritional intake with some non-meat options.

Now Testing The McDonald's NEW P.L.T. Burger (Plant, Lettuce,Tomato)

There has been a lot of buzz around why a global company like McDonald's would choose South Western Ontario as a test market for the new P.L.T. Burger. Perhaps rural Canadians are less likely to spill the beans if the product were to bomb:) Or we're just nice honest people who wouldn't lead the world astray ...and if we unknowingly did, we'd apologise.

The expanded test area now includes Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph restaurants...but it's been available in the London, Ontario area since September. Some Americans couldn't wait for it to drift south. Many have actually driven to the test locations to see what the P.L.T. is all about.

Jason Heath is a multiple location McDonald's franchisee operating primarily in Cambridge and south Kitchener. Heath and his staff are thrilled that something new is coming to his restaurants and sees great promise in the P.L.T. He believes it will bring new customers through the door which is good for business.

Tuesday, January 14th was the Waterloo Region and Wellington County rollout of the P.L.T. There was media and social media influencers and the new P.L.T. was being gleefully consumed in great numbers.

Chef Jeff And His Team (Photos by Stan Switalski)

Chef Jeff Anderson is (get ready) the Senior Manager of Culinary Innovation for McDonald's Canada. He loves his job.

Jeff and his team are and have been responsible for new menu items. McTasters was one of them and working with Beyond Meat on the P.L.T. is also one of their product development initiatives. While the brand Beyond Meat is associated with the P.L.T. it is a McDonald's recipe through and through. You can't buy the P.L.T. pattties in stores you must go to McDonald's if you seek its unique taste.

For those of you who have not tried the P.L.T., I highly recommend that you give it a whirl. If you're looking for a protein lift it has nearly as much protein ounce per ounce as many beef burger patties (P.L.T. has 19 grams. Big Mac has 23 grams, Quarter Pounder has 23 grams). It was incredibly flavourful and most notably, It didn't taste like a veggie burger. If I hadn't been told, I wouldn't have known.

And so, the most famous burger chain in the world can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they didn't rush to market too quickly just to be in the game. And if you're a McDonald's fan? The very first bite will tell you that the new P.L.T. was well worth the wait.

It sells for $5.99 plus tax.

So What's In The P.L.T.?

Chef Jeff Anderson with Jason Heath and his team as they showcase the new P.L.T.

(Photos by Stan Switalski)

Cambridge McDonald's Franchisee Jason Heath is thrilled with the P.L.T. release