Mayor Dave Jaworsky Releases Warning Statement On Annual St. Patrick's Day Bash

By: Mayor Dave Jaworsky
| Published 03/13/2020


Mayor Jaworsky Firm On Public Gathering Ban

Spread of COVID-19 Is A Very Real Concern

Waterloo, Ontario – “Earlier today the Region of Waterloo’s Public Health department issued a statement calling for no public gatherings of more than 250 people. To me, that says the St. Patrick’s Day party is over.

It’s time for the silent majority of students in our community to show their inner leadership on the outside. Speak out.

Stay home. Focus on your studies. Don’t go to Ezra Avenue. Period.

The gathering is illegal and dangerous. It poses significant health risks and the spread of COVID-19 is a very real concern.

No one can predict the impact of COVID-19. That is why you must stay away from this uncontrolled gathering.

Think of the implications. For two weeks afterward, you would have to watch for symptoms. Perhaps you will have to go into self-isolation, along with any family, roommates or visitors that you’ve infected. Perhaps you will be too sick to complete the work required over the last weeks of the school term, as you head into final exams.

Students were accepted into our great post-secondary institutions because of their smarts. Now is the time to show parents, family and friends that you have real “street smarts”. Stay off the streets.

Stay safe, and healthy. Speak out.”

– Mayor Dave Jaworsky

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